When new CEO announcing big promotions ?

  • The new ceo needs to be thinking of some fresh incentives to get new investors in to help stop the bleeding . They need to announce some super 25% deposit deals or similar to try entice investors to start buying again . The longer the slumps continues then FI will lose a lot of investors . FI is no longer sole competitor in football investment platform , need to wake up and smell the coffee before itโ€™s too late .
    I personally refusing to sell on the cheap , holding on and hopefully ride the storm .

  • @FOF before any more promotions and gimmicks they just simply need to get everything in order and running smoothly and then they can have a massive promotion with loads of advertising safe in the knowledge that nothing else needs to be changed.

    Right now its still all over the place so there's no point in a big promotion that people just use as an opportunity to leave on the small rise in player prices it might bring.

    Bring back the confidence in traders, then bring ouy the big promotions to get everyone investing again.

    You're right right though that I don't know how much longer they have left to tinker with it. For me once Christmas is out of the way and things are looking better covid wise they will be in a better position.

  • People keep mentioning COVID being out the way will help. I'm sure FI released a statement saying how unlike other betting companies, FI had one of the most successful months of their time during the thick of COVID.

    I know it does make some difference, but for FI, with football being on, and Media a daily occurrence, they can still manage to make good money.

  • @UncleBeard so you think having a global pandemic where people are losing their jobs and have no money has made no difference then?

  • @Stevo That's not what I said. I said that FI themselves released a statement specifically stating they have done well during COVID, whereas other betting companies have found it very difficult.

    People were furloughed and although they had 20% less pay, they also had fewer expenses for traveling and petrol and so fourth. People still placed money into FI.

    My point, which you have somehow missed, is that COVID is not a huge contributing factor for these crashes. What we're experiencing now is a huge percent bad sentiment in the market and money standing still, a certain percent Christmas withdraws, and a certain percent soft-money exiting.

    That's all.

  • @UncleBeard just because FI have "done well" during COVID doesn't mean that the traders on FI have done well during COVID/haven't been impacted by it.

  • @MG3 I mean, yes, what you're saying is common knowledge a blatantly obvious. Why you're pointing it out to me is mystifying, because the reason why traders are fucked on here is not COVID related, that's a different discussion and hugely FI management fault.

    COVID is not why we're currently sitting looking at a red portfolio, nor is it the reason why the red percentage is increasing.

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