Santi Carzola

  • With Arteta becoming closer to signing on as Arsenal manager, he's been gifted the choice of choosing he own backroom staff.
    According to numerous sources, Carzola could be offered a 'player-coach' deal next season at Arsenal and that'd surely bring his price shooting up considering he's dirt cheap at the minute at like 75p.

    Thoughts and opinions?

  • @SanjayP1998 Why would this increase his price? There's no points on FI for coaching ...

  • This post is deleted!

  • @BL__FI Cos he'll play more frequently, probably captain them in the games he plays and might even win some trophyware with them.

    I'm simply asking for opinions - I was only passing on my own thoughts, not tell you to go and buy 100 futures in him so no need to get cheeky about it ahahahhaa

  • @SanjayP1998 And I was just asking why you thought a coaching role would be good for his price :)
    My personal opinion is whatever role he has his fitness will limit his playing time. If he somehow made it into the top 200 there might be slightly more MB for being captain but not enough to win dividends, and I can't imagine a situation where he rises that high anyway. Didn't Mertesacker do something similar in terms of coaching this season and barely feature as a player? Fair enough if you disagree, but that's my thoughts and opinions ;)

  • @SanjayP1998

    I think Cazorla was a cracking player at his peak, but those days appear to be long gone.

    Investors would probably look at his current price and feel that it is likely to stagnate or fall in the future, and that the money would be better invested in a young 'up and coming' player with potential.

    Oh and don't worry about people being cheeky on here. It's all good friendly banter!!

  • @SanjayP1998 got to agree mate that id steer clear of any players once they go into a coaching role.

    Not sure how long you've been on FI but you tend to pick up trends after a while and understand the players to avoid and who may get a rise in price.

    I'd suggest if you are looking for bargains to scout around for players who play 90 minutes on a regular basis and have potential to get better going forward.

  • Mertesacker took up a player/coach role this year.

    Played 7 games that would have qualified for PB.

  • Santi has left Arsenal. As mentioned above I wouldn't go for him on FI anyway due to his fitness issues but I must admit I didn't see this coming!

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