Wow the index had died we need changes!

  • Been on the platform for two years, love it but it’s so broken. Harry Kane is down to £4 even after he has scored. This can’t continue.

  • FI completely overslept at the wheel here. No incentive to buy under current conditions. It's pathetic that they don't have anything to counter act the decline. They should be stimulating the market yet it is dreadful

  • Just baffling. No consistency. I used to buy if I saw a 3 year plan players such as Bruno and Kane. Now I don’t have a glue. I think if players have a great game before 4 pm people buy. It’s basically a gamble on the star man. Which is too up and down.

  • @NewUser693253 isn't the incentive to buy the increased dividends you can earn?

  • @Tweek Not against the risk you take. For some people it is worth the risk, for others not so much.

  • @cowan86 said in Wow the index had died we need changes!:

    Been on the platform for two years, love it but it’s so broken. Harry Kane is down to £4 even after he has scored. This can’t continue.

    Exactly, snap up the bargains while you can.

  • @Jimbob if I had a £1 for every snap up the bargain post over the last 3 months...

    And over the course of those 3 months, some of the 'bargains' are now half their price.

    Things will surely get better at some point but no one is capable of determining the bottom at present. It could be today, tomorrow, or in 5 months. And people still talk up players who will drop further (was Foden at over £3 3 or so days ago on here). And all talk of soft money needing to leave the market is bullshit. Short term thinking still dominates trading pattern and if all the 'soft money' was to leave their would be so index left.

    I think the only thing to do in these moments is to sell any mistakes youve made at any price you can get for them (if you can) and reinvest in players who look far too low (and there are undoubtedly a host of players who can earn their value in 3 seasons). Restructure and hope for a good day of dividends and a dividend and rebate bump tomorrow. We really need some big players to perform over the next week to get things moving.

  • The thing that gets me at this time of the year is that everyone, but everyone knows that there's a dip in December because of Christmas. Why do they not try to balance that out with a decent promo? Why not try to keep people involved, rather than put their hands up to withdraws?

  • To all those that are hurting, just imagine also being a Sheffield United fan right now 🤮 Merry Christmas to you all 👍

  • I can feel a Sheff Utd fans pain.. Being a West Brom fan myself.. Bloody shambles my team and a bloody shambles with whats happening on the Index at the moment...
    Hmm stick or get out.. Where is it going to end....
    Even Tony Kroos has now dropped in value....

  • @UncleBeard

    Promos won't help. It will just encourage people to throw good money at a bad situation again, and then a week later, they will be in an even worse position, as the bargains they will have picked up will have fallen further.

    I hate to say this but this index and it's workings needs to be independently audited. Something doesn't smell right to me and I won't be investing another penny until that changes. Three year bet? The rate players are falling we won't get anywhere near that long.

  • They need to remove avg offer its totally pointless

  • @CLACKETT said in Wow the index had died we need changes!:

    They need to remove avg offer its totally pointless

    Surely it shows what sensible, confident traders are prepared to sell for?

  • @Jimbob no it shows u that whoever is listing them ridiculous higher is in to deep and has no idea how to get there money out, the people listing them that high must be shitting bricks because it wont change the buy price so what's the point? Sancho avg eg he wont ever be anywhere near that. When the avg gets close to the sell and buys the market shud move in the right direction.

  • @CLACKETT I can't speak for anyone else, but if I was shitting myself and desperate to get out then I'd be placing low offers for a quick exit rather than confidently setting my sell price higher and waiting patiently. You're right about Sancho though, no idea what his average offer is, bit I'm sure it's way above his actual value.

  • @Jimbob about 4 quid higher its pointless listing, shud do a range on listing players like they do on the bidding side. I think looking as the index as a whole theres some good but more bad dynamics to it at the mo hence why not much new money is coming in.

  • Its dead in its new mde of operating so they either pull the plug and they leave rich,or they struggle on?Mmm no brainer really.If I were Adam or that new ceo id just liquidate the app pocket the millions and in a few years start a new app called Footy Index Limited.

  • @CLACKETT I think a lot of people leave high offers in is so they don't miss out on a spike, can't keep an eye on everything all the time and the walls are so thin at the moment a player can shoot up a pound or two way quicker than ever before.

  • @Jimbob that is true but that can work both ways👍 ! I tell you one thing it ain't the people who have been buying in the last month listing them that high,

  • @Stevo I feel sheff utd can turn it round ... they are not getting thumped and the big teams are not playing so great either ..... Still a chance in this fine margins game :)

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