Which players are still overpriced? Give me your best de-pump!

  • With the market in a shambles right now i've decided now is a great time to scale back the number of players in my portfolio and reinvest into some of the bargains available currently. An issue i have is that like most people, the majority of my holds are way below the price i bought them for, and therefore many of them still look like great value holds for me.

    With this in mind, which players on the index still stand out to people as being overpriced who i could potentially sell if i hold and agree with your reasoning?

    I'll start with my own example of a player who's price just doesnt make sense to me given the current market conditions: Bruno Guimaraers at 1.95 just seems absurd when you consider you could be picking up players like Kroos, Lewandowski and Werner for a similar fee. Still young and decent PB potential but is far from being close to a regular dividend winner, should be around £0.80 in this market!

    So go on, which players do you wish you could sell at their current price?

  • This post is deleted!

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