It's easy to see the problem now...

  • The people playing on here are fucking morons. The bleeding had stopped for a while, then Neymar gets injured and suffers an inevitable price collapse. Then dickheads lose their heads thinking it's the start of another spiral and start flogging shares in everyone else.
    In a sensible world, an injury to a big player should start a rise on the other big guns. But not in this mad house. The idiots are in charge of the asylum.

  • @NewUser148085 whats your point it means you can buy higher players cheaper? Who's the moron them for selling or you for not buying🤔.
    The latter🤫

  • Why do people not understand .... nothing changes on here until people stop selling at stupid fucking prices

    It’s and endless spiral down

  • @CLACKETT I have bought plenty at low offers, but what constitutes a low offer anymore?
    My point is this: This site is basically an exchange now, similar to Betfair. Now, on an exchange if for example I'm betting on the next Champions League winner and Neymar breaks his ankle, you can bet your life that PSG's odds will drift significantly as people who backed them want to get out quickly, In turn the other top teams will see their odds slashed as everyone rushes to bsck them knowing a rival has significantly weakened.
    Hope you're following.
    In tjis place however, people suddenly see a rival foe dividends disappear for poyentially a few months, and instead of gobbling up the prices for the othet big hitters, they instead sell them off. It's bizarre, the people playing clearly have little to no idea of how to play the game, and instead simply look at thr figures, see one drop and suddenly think the whole market is crashing, which obviously is then what happens.
    Not sure if this was the case as I wasn't logged in at the time, but apparently the first massive crash coincided with a Neymar injury, and this latest one started when Haaland got injured, which I was online to witness. It's absolute madness.
    I'm quite happy with massive drops and spikes as it is an easy eay to make money if you log in regularly, but the fact is for most people that is not the point of this place, and just undermines confidence in the product, which will subsequently result in its demise if it continues long term.
    Until people get clued up on how exchanges should work, you're gonna end up with a few clued up people making all the profit, and wjen that happens, the losers soon get bored and find somewhere else to lose their money.
    The enjoyment of this product for the vast majority of people is to find a player at a bargain because you think you've spotted something in them that others haven't. Most of these folks have been brought up on Champ Manager and Fantasy Football. This game was like a real life extension of that. Something they could log onto once a week or so, not to sit on it 12 hours a day selling and buying every 5 minutes to make a quick buck.
    There has been roughly 3-4000 players on here the last few weeks which tells you where we've ended up. This place should be buzzing, and frankly, it dying on its arse.

  • @NewUser148085 totally agree

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