December TOTM

  • Found the screenshots on twitter courtesy of @ElkHunter78 if anyone is interested. It is a day or two old now, but it is better than nothing. I will screen grab when/if he updates in the morning:





    If today was the 31st of December, I'd have won PB for GK, 1st and 3rd place DEF and 1st place MID. I would put my money on none of them being in winning positions come the end of the month, because that's my luck at the minute :-)

  • Thank you, much appreciated

    TOTM has always been one of the few positive threads on here IMO. I believe it was Total Punt who used to post and update it.

    Not seen him, or her, do it for a while now which is a pity.
    I recall the November thread ending up getting hijacked with bickering and squabbling.

    Hope he or she hasn’t lost faith and left FI ?

    Thanks again for sharing this.......

    I think people are so blinded by their anger towards FI that they forget we need to work as a collective to get through this presently. I understand we are trading against each other, but in the current situation I honestly believe it’s a case of divided we fall.

    Hope people out there are managing to ride out this shit storm without making too much loss regardless of your individual strategies.

    I know FI have created this situation we’re in but I just wish people would stop selling players at such ridiculous prices and get past the negativity.

    If your still here then we are where we are .... you can’t keep looking at the past and need to start looking forward. We’ve all made losses and all taken out licks !!

    For me ..... nothing moves forward until people stop cutting each other’s throats and look hopefully look towards a much brighter future on FI


  • @Three-lions he still uses the platform, just not the forum. Another in the discord group

  • @Ddr I’m close to doing the same ... people on here just haven’t got a fucking clue in my humble opinion.

    I have no background in trading but have been here 6 months and have learnt a lot .... always learning more, but that’s life.

    So many People on here are delusional

  • Thank you

  • @BrianR how did Neymar get on yesterday score wise? 😬

  • shite .......60

  • @UncleBeard I think Kroos will retain first! I sure hope so, as he is one of my bigger holds. Bruno will be his biggest competition I expect.

    Messi for top striker?

    I really hope they increase payouts for TOTM next year, finances permitting. The runner up prices, esp for third/fourth, are derisory.

  • Update for you all, I am happy to keep this going for a while:





  • @Timmy Bruno will be 1st Mid. Neymar or Messi will be 1st forward. Sorry Kroos holders.. 🥳

  • @Sol I would be very surprised if Messi didn't score 236 in one of his 4 remaining games. Pretty much a given for top spot.

  • @Sol said in December TOTM:

    @Timmy Bruno will be 1st Mid. Neymar or Messi will be 1st forward. Sorry Kroos holders.. 🥳


  • @Sol i don't know he needs a big score Thursday imo I hope your right tho

  • @Myles2521 keep the faith brother 😉

  • Bruno capable of huge scores but if he doesnt get one on Thursday it will be an uphill task. Real's fixtures are gorgeous too - I'd expect Kroos to comfortably clear 200 in one of them.

    Irrespective, both Bruno and Kroos holders will have earned well this month and I expect most of us have shares of both

  • @Timmy yep

  • @UncleBeard thanks again for these .... sorry I mixed you up yesterday and pissed you off.

    I think the stress of the past 6 months finally got the better of me and lost the plot. Didn’t help that my misses had Covid and was at the end of a two week isolation which in its self more stress than I could manage

  • @Three-lions oh don't worry about it. I wasn't pissed off, it really didn't matter, we're all just trying to understand and help each other.

    Sounds like you've had a rough time though, would have been nice during that period to have had something like FI to take you away from that stress, but at the moment it is just contributing to it.

    Family come first, we shouldn't forget that, just make sure you don't let the frustrations of FI affect your personal relationships, that wouldn't be fair on anyone.

  • @UncleBeard what made it worse is that my 25 year old son who ultimately got me involved had over stretched himself and finally sold up just before the weekend a quite a substantial loss. I tried to convince him to hold out like myself as we’ve been working on our own little trading plan minimising large losses by getting out of big priced players ( except KDB ) and mainly trading in players for IPD refreshes with occasional PB’s like Bailey, Muller, Zlatan, Benzima etc ....

    Couldn’t talk him into sticking around as much as could recommend FI to anyone I care about presently.

    Told him to at the very least sell up over a few months maximising any gains or reducing losses by selling individual players on match days during good performances, But he just wanted out no matter what.

    I do get it’s so it has become so consuming time wise with no end in sight right now.

    Personally, I can afford to keep my investment locked in at least until the World Cup. hopefully this will all look rather different by then 🤞

  • @Three-lions I honestly believe as we come out of covid things will take a turn imo

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