IP Preview - 17th May - Fancy a Brazilian!

  • Tomorrow see's the worst 2 hour session since IPO's began! 7 (SEVEN) Goalkeepers! So seriously put your IPO feet up until lunchtime :-)

    Then things get interesting, well at least for one player. When I first saw the list I thought "there's Fagner, 30p for a reason, who want's a squad filler regardless of who they play for!" Then I started looking into his involvement with the Brazilian National team prior to Dani Alves injury and in the past few games he's actually been the man replacing Dani Alves.

    So will he start, well from what I can gather he's a more rampaging fullback than Danilo and Tite may deem that more suitable to the way they play. I suspect they may see equal playing time.

    There's a bit of a fairytale element of his happiness being filmed when the squad was announced but us traders should care little for sentiment unless they're MB qualifying which I think is a step too far for Fagner. The Brazilian defence are quite well priced in general and I suspect we'll see at least 100% in this guy and maybe more.

    I'd like to say the same for Geromel but he definitely fits into the Squad Filler category for me. He's also 32 and too old to hope for a move post World Cup so I'm not tempted by him even at 30p.

    Then we have a plethora of Croatian's. The problem here lies in that they've only announced their preliminary squad so far so the young promising talent which also seem to be anonymous with Xfer activity could well get trimmed. One exception to this would be Filip Bradaric who's interested Celtic and West Brom with an £8.5m price tag earlier this year. He has a mild goal threat but clocked up 50+ Avg Ppg in the Europa League this season. From a WC perspective he'll do well to dislodge any of the established Midfield, Modric, Rakitic, Brozovic, Kovacic and Badelj should be ahead in the pecking order but you never know.

    For me at 20p he represents decent value at little risk.

    There are a couple of established defenders coming on in Corluka and Vida (and Ignashevich for Russia) but they're getting on a bit (38 for Igna!!!) and don't possess the goal threat that Dario Srna used to give them.

    So in a nutshell; opportunity knocks for anyone with a better in depth knowledge of Croatian football however I think it's all about Fagner and a cheeky punt on Bradaric!

  • Borna Sosa has or is signing for Stuttgart so will be able to get PB next season too and he is only 20 so potential there.

  • @MrYaio yep, very true, I did include that xfer on the Twitter page too, only gave him 2 Stars for some reason but can't remember why. I'll check later

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