Alejandro Gomez

  • I'm interested to hear people's thoughts on Gomez, who seems likely to leave Atalanta in January after falling out with the coach. He has crashed to 40p buy now (was at 39p, but I brought them up). The price has crashed presumably because of last summer's rumours above a move to Saudi, which he turned down but it could go through in January. But if he stays in Europe, he could well double in price next month (he went above £1.50 earlier in the season but I think a high of 90p is a realistic expectation with a good contract). A Prem move seems unlikely but not impossible.

    Thoughts? It's a gamble for sure - I think it's a double your money or sell him for 7p/not at all kind of scenario.

  • @Timmy Too good a player to be heading for saudi unless hes just chasing the cash.
    Unfortunately hold and thought he'd had a serious injury or something.
    Massive bargain if he stays in a pb league but time will tell.

  • @Gazz127 big gamble I would think, good chance at 32 he chases up final big day in middle East or america

  • This is the difficult element - ascertaining whether there is anything to the Saudi rumours - if it was paper talk or the most likely scenario.

    He is a really excellent player though - would be a shame to lose him to a non-European league. I could see him staying in Italy but we will see.

    Will have some positive implications for Atalanta's other attacking players either way - there are so many skillful players who look cheap, and would presumably get more of a look in if Gomez leaves. Hopefully Ilicic finally finds his feet again.

  • @Timmy had a falling out with gasprrini at ht against midjttyland, will definitely move in jan imo, the big question is whether he will stay in a PB league, if he does then 40p is a steal, if he doesn't then you ain't lost much

  • From what I have read he is well respected by a lot of coaches in Italy so I can see him spending another couple of years in Serie A. Milan are one of the clubs rumoured to be looking at getting him cut price with a lot of uncertainty regarding where Hakan Calhanoglu is rumoured to also be moving on.

    40-50p would be a steal if he got another Serie A club in my opinion

  • Gian Piero Gasperini effectively confirmed he doesn’t know how the Papu Gomez situation ‘will be resolved,’ but Atalanta have to ‘look to the future and keep evolving.’

    La Dea got back on track in Serie A with a 3-0 victory over Fiorentina, with goals from Robin Gosens, Rafael Toloi and Ruslan Malinovskyi.

    “The Champions League was every week this time, so being up against fresher opponents every weekend in Serie A was tough. Now we’ll try to make the most of the situation over the next two months and focus entirely on the league,” Gasp told Sky Sport Italia.

    Papu Gomez was left on the bench throughout today’s game and there are strong reports the split between coach and captain is so bad that the Argentine will leave in January.

    “We had played nine Serie A games and six in the Champions League, I think Gomez was the only one to play in all of them. We’ve been more solid recently with this new system and so we are trying other alternatives,” replied Gasperini.

    “I consider it indispensable to keep changing and evolving. I have always been at clubs for quite a long time, at least usually. Around five years for a coach is a long time, so it’s indispensable to seek other alternatives.

    “My first Atalanta was completely different to the current iteration, for example. We also saw some things against Ajax that we will try to adopt and learn from, because in the Champions League every week, we are learning and evolving our game when up against different football cultures.”

    Gasp was asked outright, does he believe Gomez will leave Atalanta in January and it’s time for him to make strong decisions?

    “That is not the case. I think the club has to make strong choices on how to set targets for the team and coach in future. That’s not necessarily results, but how to behave and approach games. We have to look to the future, because when you stop and get stuck in your ways, it ends up being like going backwards.

    “If the coach is not in sync with his club, then it becomes a problem, but we always exchange ideas, there’s no issue.”

    Can the Papu situation be resolved?

    “I think Gomez has been our most important player over these five years, I said it many times, he was hardly ever out of the team. There are some situations…

    “For example, after two years, Papu’s role was difficult in some games for the team to handle, because the opponents can change and adapt to neutralise you.

    “At the basis of everything, we need trust and being open to listening. I don’t know how the situation will be resolved. It’s disappointing for Josip Ilicic, as he got dragged into this whole situation in the media and had nothing to do with it.”

    Ilicic denied on social media that he was involved in the dressing room row, but it’s evident something very serious happened at half-time during the 1-1 draw with Midtjylland.

  • @roguetrader I saw this and it gave me a little hope of Gomez staying but I suppose it's the rhetoric of a coach who knows how well loved Gomez is, and who has been under a little more pressure of late. Not impossible that they make up I suppose and I don't think Gomez's insta post was necessarily a declaration that he would leave in January, even if it remains the most likely scenario.

  • Have quite a reasonable hold in him myself. I’ve jumped ship on a few players since being on here and later regretted it ...... think like with the whole FI experience, I’m going to hold my nerve and ride it out

    Some you win. Some you loose

  • Exact same sentiment here to be honest mate.
    I'll be keeping hold of mine and have actually topped up another 100.

  • Hard one to judge, but with so many players offering such good value at the mo, maybe worth going for a safer bet now instead. Appreciate that there may be a higher % profit ceiling for Papu even at his age tho!

  • I've took a gamble of him.

    Seen him linked with Lazio & AC & managed to grab a few at 38p

  • @Ericali it seems worth the risk at that point. I am going to buy some more but not leave myself overexposed. Chance of an immediate increase if he starts against Juve too.


    Looking at some of the articles coming out regarding his situation today then those prices available yesterday have been very wisely snapped up.

    Fingers crossed he gets a good final move in January window

  • The saga ended well for holders! I really didn't see Sevilla as his destination, especially given the presence of Rakitic (who is diminished as a hold now). 70p still seems a decent price for him, although the loss of IPDs hits him more than most PB players. I suppose we need to see how he settles but I imagine he comfortably exceeds 100% over the next 3 years.

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