Biggest Loss vs Biggest Profit

  • Just interested guys in your current portfolios which players in terms of monetary value hold your large loss/profit. (i guess using the 'buy price')

    Mine are

    Fabian Ruiz -£642

    Theo Hernandez +£226

    nothing to write home about - obviously was a very different story not so long ago - i remember buying both - Hernandez at the time i thought was a complete gut feeling and Ruiz seemed a really sensible choice...turned out i bought him at peak price.

  • @G27

    also forgot to mention Theo Hernandez has earned me £92 in divs

  • Including dividends:

    Loss: Griezmann -£210 (6.3% of investment)

    Profit: Messi £284 (that is purely dividends lol)

    Griezmann should hopefully rise as we near the euros, pisses me off how I was torn between him and Bruno who at the time was around £2.80 🤢

  • @Deej-11

    dont worry ive had a few of those - its amazing how many times ive picked the wrong one!

    griezmann is someone ive looked at so many times!

  • @G27 if messi leaves Griezmann will be main man . He gets good scores when the focal point. Messi and Griezmann do not work. Bit like lamps n Gerrard

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