Will F.I Go Bust

  • I am pretty concerned Football Index will go bust, everybody is now mainly just buying the Top players now that yield good dividends, even more so when the prices keep crashing . How can they afford to pay out millions on dividends and just make money from the commission of sells and buys (bids) the maths just doesnt work for them to make money, people will say they have made millions from the crashes , but that money will run out,

    whats other peoples opinions on this ?????

  • No .

  • I do believe that they are losing money at the moment, but they have had a long period of success where they have been creating a lot of profit. I'm sure they have millions still left to burn through, but obviously we don't want to see the same situation carry on for 6 months+.

    Someone mentioned that they were looking to bring in another £60m investment, which would tide them over for several years.

    The only thing is that I don't know how much is in the bank. I think that an announcement of some sort to let people know that they are comfortable, even under this situation would go a long way as I believe everyone's biggest fear is that they just shut down. I'm positive that this is not imminent, but is it 6 months, 12 months, 5 years?

    Having a general idea of that safety net would go a long way. If we're making a 3 year bet are we sure FI will still be here then?

    I've seen someone else who invested in the company post in the forums and he said the bank balance was very healthy.

  • @NewUser347846 why doesn’t the maths work? As far as I can see they’ve been printing money throughout the recent price crashes. If you buy a player for £8 and then a month later you sell him for £4, where does that remaining £4 go!? FI of course. Almost everyone is losing money at the mo and it’s all flying into FI’s pocket.

  • @Luke if you buy him from the index for £8 and sell him for £4 the index get all £8 as you are selling to another trader, not the index

  • @MUFC well, yes, assuming that you bought him from the dex and not another player in the first place.

  • @Luke If i buy say 100 Messi's now from another user for £5 now and sell him in 3 years for £5 the index will just make the 2% off me selling , but will lose lets say Messi makes £5 in dividends a share during those 3 years

  • You're not taking into account the many millions they would've banked over the years from minting new shares

  • There are too many traders who throw away money for FI to go bust anytime soon. Increasing dividends year on year is not a sign of a company in trouble. It has been very worrying from a personal point of view, but I feel FI have made an absolute killing recently. Football will never stop, people will always bet and some less wise traders will keep panicking and feed FI

  • @Ddr they have only made millons from that thanks to the index crashing and people selling at prices less than they paid for them

  • @NewUser347846 who cares where it comes from mate

  • @Luke are you for real lol

  • @NewUser347846 That’s true and that’s the bet you make against the house. Chances are that if Messi is earning over his value in three years though that there will be volatility in his price and others will lose against the house. The fact is that there are always day traders (or the FI equivalent) on the platform who are handing over their cash.
    If, let’s say, everybody in the platform suddenly decided to buy Messi and hold for three years then no doubt FI would have to print more shares, taking his full value in cash, plus commission... so would have a large financial cushion to compensate. Ultimately if it looked like they were not going to be able to honour the bets then I expect they would reduce the dividend payouts ahead of time.

  • @AndydfopT if they are losing money and go bust then i care, as if they aren't here in 12months -2 years etc we will all lose our money

  • @Doddy no I’m a figment of your imagination. What’s your problem?

  • @NewUser347846 well you could of said that 5 years ago and they are still here

  • I think it will but only if the ceo and Mr Cole have filled their boots and it becomes a pain to try and fix it to a viable money making app again.I dont think financially its in trouble just the fact that it could be a pain for the ceos to fix all the problems.

  • @Luke index make 4 pound ffs ... on the index now there is winners and losers .. the index doesn’t lose as long as we keep trading ... it’s a betting site and more people will lose them win

  • @Luke well their will be millions of shares purchased from the index, if they are only player to player then just commission

  • @Doddy what the index makes from commission wont compensate for what they payout on dividends

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