Best value buy at the moment?

  • I missed out on Thiago at £1 the other day but see VVD is £1.15 - he'll be close to double that when he's back and has the potential to win PB fairly consistently upon his return as well as a lot of MB if he can come back before the season ends.

    How do you like the look of?

  • VVD? Seriously? Nobody even knows ‘when’ or even ‘if’ he will be the same player after recovery. Much better ways of making money. My advice, look for a 🐐 named ‘Leo’ 💷💷💷👍🏼

  • @Sparks365 If we had a normal market situation he would yes look great value but the past couple of months have given us dozens of other bargains who will return potential divs now.

    He doesn't stand out as a must buy atm.

    Just the way i see it.

  • I like the look of frenkie de jong at around 60p. Think his pb scores are ok with a winning goal could win a match day or 2 per season maybe more.

  • Pogba all day long

  • Kai Havertz for me. Euros next year, taking time to settle in England but that's to be expected at the age of 21. Evidently a baller. £1.35 is a steal!

    When the negative sentiment for him fades he will fly

  • @xXMr_FishXx Yep all over this, and Werner. Not just because they're young, and taking time to adapt.

    Many other reasons too, euros like you say, but also Chelsea are looking iffy, too iffy and Lampard will be out, and I see both potentially shining under new management.

    If Lampard stays, and they are not doing much better, it's maybe a bit early to say, but you have to also look long term when buying, if they under-performing and are sold in 2-3 years time, they would both rip up any farmers league, and would be maturing into a decent PB earning age too.

    Safe bet for me, short and long term.

  • @UncleBeard replying to myself haha. Another out-of-favour Chelsea man, Kepa Arrizabalaga, bought 290 for average of 18p. Stay and it's a bargain if he features in the Euros. Leave and he is not going to a non-PB league is he? 18p?! ridiculous potential there.

    Same goes for out-of-favour Sergio Rico at 19p from PSG, backup to a 33 year old who is picking up injuries more and more often.

    And finally, injured Gerard Piqué, I picked up a fair few this weekend for 16p, that's just crazy. Linked to PSG for maybe his final season, one PB win and your money is covered, he will rise to 30p max upon injury return.

  • Does anyone know the final player standings from last night please. I hold Benzemer and Kroos

    Fell asleep last night before the game ended

    I see Benzema grabbed a late second goal, was it enough to take top forward ?

    Did Kroos take star man ?

  • @Three-lions
    Kroos Mid/Star, Neto For, Chilwell def & Pavalenko GK subject to any OPTA revisions.

  • Wouldn't sleep on VVD @Sol

    It doesn't matter if he's the same player when he comes back or not... the build up to him returning is where the rise will come from. Providing the rest of the market hasn't tanked even further by a long way.

  • Toni Kroos is still amazing value at £2.25, He should be up near KDB and Kimmich price for me

  • @Dragon4Life I would say 3/4 based on age. You may feel it should be higher and fair enough. He is undervalued without a doubt

  • @UncleBeard Completely agree with you on Werner too.

    Rico and Pique are interesting shouts, might have to jump on them at that price! Being a Man U fan Pique always has a place in my heart.

    The Kepa witch is an interesting one, I don't think I'll ever be able to go in on how just because I don't think he's that good. I understand that goalkeeping is all about confidence and he was incredibly low on that but parts of his technique are all wrong. Then again, what do I know? Definitely worth the gamble for 18p. Would slot in nicely at a Valencia or somewhere of the same ilk.

    Back to the Germans, you reckon Havertz and Werner get the nod to start in the Euros?

  • Hastlenburg @54p buy price top bid is 49p.

  • Dont know if this is just me but this is the longest period my portfolio has been stable for in weeks


  • What about Milinkovic Savic at 68/70p? Crazy price in my opinion
    Goal/assist for IPD and possible PB winner if in the good day. Won't play Euros, but has big transfer rumors every season and he's good enough to play in starting 11 in a top club

  • Other players have much higher potential capital appreciation but in this uncertain period of FI, I would suggest some lower end picks.

    Many view first choice goalkeepers as one of the safest bets on the Index at the moment - take Walter Benitez who was going for well under 25p during the week, with 5 games in the IPD period. He's about to return 5p (3p PB + 2p clean sheet) which is already a 20% return. Also, very unlikely to go much lower in price and will be possible to refresh your shares due to demand on a future clean sheet.

    Elsewhere players like Lars Stindl, Habib Diallo, Gael Kakuta, Gaetan Laborde also can typically be picked up for under 40p and either have won PB or threatened but are more IPD picks and have generated good returns regardless.

  • Another slightly out there option from me and from the very bottom of the index is Eiji Kawashima who has recently regained his first choice status at Strasbourg. He might be 37 years old but I picked up 300 shares over the weekend for 6p each!!! Clean sheet tonight means a 33.3% yield straight off the bat.

    Over 90 caps for Japan and an absolute legend of the game

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