🐐 price post Barcelona?

  • Interested to hear people's valuations of Messi should he leave Barcelona end of the season.

    Looks like it's either going to be PSG or City, both of which I think will be positive on his price. The MB if he joined the Prem would be endless and it's hard to not see him sweeping up PB consistently in Ligue 1.

    City: Β£7-8
    PSG: Β£6-7


  • My estimates would be similar.

    Only slight downside if he joins PSG is that Neymar’s PB base is very high, probably higher than it was when they were both at Barca.

    And as someone who holds both, I can see them splitting the PB winnings over the course of the season. So from a selfish point of view, I’d rather he joined City, where the endless MB would make PB less important.

  • @ocs123 yep, spot on, same thoughts here.

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