FI as financially secure as it’s ever been- Endole Credit Report ✅

  • Hi guys, check out Footballindextrader on Twitter today. He’s released an article discussing some of the points Caan Berry raised in his FI review.
    In the article, FIT made suggestions that he felt needed to be made to the market mechanics, but he also discussed FI’s financial security which has been a hot topic recently for obvious reasons. It was a solid, sensible read as always. Thought it was worth sharing on here:

    “Endole give a company a Credit Score based on the accounts submitted to HMRC and Companies House each year. It costs about £8. I’ve been following the FI credit rating for a few years and for almost all of the time FI has lived in the “Caution” bracket. It had large loans on the books, not uncommon for Start Ups, and they had even told us they had taken loans for marketing pushes etc.
    But as Order Books were brought in in 2020 they jumped swiftly into “Stable”. And, interestingly, last week they moved further along into “Secure”, the highest bracket, for the first time. That may strike some as a fine irony given what we see on the market!
    You get high level numbers with the report: Assets, Liabilities. Employees.Cash on hand. Debt Ratio. Who holds shares. Whether they have CCJ’s etc.
    The Credit score is primarily based on the company accounts (as submitted to Companies House/HMRC) plus knowledge of the Director’s and Shareholders- and then they cross reference similar companies to look for warning signs of firms that may go bust.
    So, as far as we can see in the accounts, there is nothing alarming going on, quite the opposite. It might seem odd that the Credit Score is better than ever. But it’s totally logical- they are no longer on the hook for buying unwanted shares- which removes a massive liability from their balance sheet. FI are simply less vulnerable in the short term to market volatility than ever.”

  • @Valhalla It's not all that odd, they were holding huge liabilities with the Instant Sell function, the ability for users to gain a percentage of their money back, instantly at any given time has to be shown as a liability and potential deficit when submitting annual/monthly figures.

    Removal of said function instantly wipes out that liability, or at least a huge percent of it is instantly removed. That along with having mechanics implemented to stop the market trading after significant falls, means that if we all decided to stop trading today and sell our players, we simply couldn't.

    Yes we're in the middle of yet another crash, but it has been said all along, by the few sensible experienced traders on here, that they make great profits during these times. Yes they will pay out more in IPD for those who buy-in at such low costs, but it is now at a wonderfully low price to entice investors and newusers.

    One thing to be said though, about this financial report, it doesn't mean there's extra money in the bank for FI. Let's say hypothetically that not a single person deposited since the introduction of order-books, so FI have made no additional financial gains via new-money, their credit report would still show a significant improvement, simple because they've removed liability.

    What I'm saying is, FI are no more better off in terms of money in the bank, other than the capital amount set aside to offset the IS deficit, but that would have been money in circulation on the market, especially if you're seeing marketing loans and so fourth. Soft-money traders have left, but new-money will come, that's for sure.

    They won't fold anytime soon, but we kind of knew that. It just means that obtaining future investments is going to be easier.

  • @Valhalla now this is a far more upbeat post ... thanks for sharing this.

    A little more news like this and who knows. Maybee even some positive sentiment on the horizon.

  • If this article is correct, then it shows the only people to blame for massive drops the last few months are pretty much ourselves and the gambling punters who wanted a bet where you never lose your stake. Have to admit everyone price being cut in half or more is eye opening, but the market has been way way over priced for quite some time. These current prices are probably about right in line with dividends on offer

  • @Finlay77 I disagree, I think many players on here are vastly under priced. Obviously everyone has there own opinion. It all depends on what you expect in returns

  • @Valhalla thanks for this but struggling to find the source - Do you have a link and/or screenshots from the actual score report? Sounds positive and makes sense that FI are in a more secure position since order books

  • @AndydfopT I think we have some great under priced players alongside some who have rightly not reached their bottom. Without doubt there was mass overpricing at the point of OBs introduction, sustained by IS and a belief that prices would keep going up.

    We really need to be demanding over 100% returns for players 30 plus over the 3 year share cycle and a decent proportion for youth players because of the risk we hold. The young players is where overpricing remains an issue in my opinion (perhaps the only part of the market where it is true). Someone like Foden, for example, is a great talent and was pushed on here at over £3 a week or so ago, after significant decreases, but I think he only earned 10p from the previous season in dividends (all media). Calculating someone's value at 30x a season's earning is the kind of madness that needs to stop in my opinion. There seems to be an implied acceptance among some that every young player will 1) reach their potential 2) will be a regular dividend earner, when both of these will not be true in most cases.

    A prime example of the issue: On the 22nd of November Kroos' price fell to a buy price of £1.52, although in reality he was buyable at less than £1.20. At that point Foden was valued at £3.57 and Greenwood at £3.33. Kroos, excluding TOTM, would have earnt 86p last season if this season's dividend rates were applied, and he will earn better this this season imo, barring injury. Greenwood and Foden earnt 0p from matchday dividends and merely an ok amount of media. We were, and even are, in some cases paying more for young players we hope become consistent regular earners than the consistent dividend earners.

    Btw, this is the link referenced in the OPs article:

  • @FootballArgos FIT he didn’t screenshot or use links for copyright reasons. But if you go to Endole and pay the £8 fee it’s all there apparently.

  • @Valhalla said in FI as financially secure as it’s ever been- Endole Credit Report ✅:


    it will end up on crowdcube and fly!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @Timmy some great points. I like the point of over 30's returning 100% , some people think that applies across the board which I personally dont agree on. I guess the youth thing is people trying to be the first in and eventually paying way over the odds. It all depends on what you want. I'm not looking at FI as an investment. I'd be very happy to not lose money and still have fun. Ideally anywhere near 20% I'd be delighted

  • @AndydfopT yes. Also really likes the solution for IPO’s, watering down ppl’s profits. Every time a player get’s IPO’d, a crap/retired/defunct player gets taken off the Index. Simple really.

  • Financially secure yes, taking the piss with further IPOs yes.

    It’s all about more and more cash for them and fuck the traders over at every opportunity.

  • @ocs123 I agree. But a cash rich FI is also in our best interests- it means more promotions and dividend increases down the line. So I’m ok with it.

  • @ocs123 I'm with you on this one. I'd rather they tidy up the retired and useless players from world cup minnows, keep players updated instantly and let the market settle, which it must be close to now, just to make it look more professional

    Peter Crouch?? retired 2019.

    It must be about time the Market Makers started putting some liquidity back in.

    Then perhaps IPO's should be brought in at reasonable start prices.

    But back to original post - it is good to know the company is secure..

  • @Kipper72 Croucho really still on there? 😂 yes, these redundant players really need to be culled.

  • @Valhalla said in FI as financially secure as it’s ever been- Endole Credit Report ✅:

    @Kipper72 Croucho really still on there? 😂 yes, these redundant players really need to be culled.

    Yep, I'd be embarrassed if I were a multi million pound company CEO and it happened on my watch.

  • @ocs123 said in FI as financially secure as it’s ever been- Endole Credit Report ✅:

    Financially secure yes, taking the piss with further IPOs yes.

    It’s all about more and more cash for them and fuck the traders over at every opportunity.

    Football index can't win, the amount of people who come on the forum and moan saying where's this player in the index etc it's a joke they are keeping it current and up to date blah blah. You have to add new players

  • @Valhalla Not only is he still on there, there is also about 1.2k's worth of him listed in Top 5 offer prices alone. Lot of liquidity trapped there, and I imagine similar figures can be found on the likes of Patrice Evra and Robert Huth etc. who also retired a few years ago.

  • @CptMorgan £1.2k! That’s unbelievable. Pretty negligent trading however. 😏

  • @Valhalla Agree 100%! Buying a 38 year old Crouch should be plastered with red flags for traders, but FI clearly don't have a solution for when a player retires. Should they lose all of their bet, should there be a split settlement etc etc.

    If they at least clarified it, maybe people wouldn't pile in so hard when there is a risk of retirement. I have limited sympathy for people with several hundred shares in Crouch or a Saudi Arabian goalkeeper from Russia 2018 but an end solution does need to be provided.

    I'd love to know how much is trapped in someone like Andre Schurrle who retired at 29 too. That caught people with their pants down a little bit.

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