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  • Who's been your best buy? And why?

    Lewandowski for me - got a 40% yield on my initial buy back in August.

  • @xXMr_FishXx depends when you mean from but since the recent debacle managed to get in on Kroos at 100 for £1.25. He's won PB 3 times already and risen over £1 so very pleased with that one. Just a shame I didn't buy more.

  • Andre Silva fast becoming my favourite hold. An IPD beast and been quite easy to refresh. Might have been in with a shout of pb win last night if Frankfurt hadn't done a Frankfurt in the second half.

    9 goals and 2 assists in 11 games for an absolutely mental team- is a joy to watch and to hold.

  • @Stevo That's an insane bit of business. You've definitely got on the train at the right time! Was thinking about going in for him but I think that boat has sailed now.

    Thinking of getting Thiago, similar sort of player to Kroos, bound to have a rise after his injury and got a v good PB avg.

  • @xXMr_FishXx

    Jordan Henderson...

    Bought him initially for 27p, sold him for (I want to say £1.65-£1.70) with a bunch of divs. It worked out at around 700% return, would have been higher but he went out injured.

  • Maybe my first or second purchase, Calvert-Lewin, first thing I did when I joined was look at players who were out-of-favour in a team that looked like they were close to sacking the manager.

    I got 100 Calvert-Lewin's for £0.44p, Ancelotti came in and I sold early in Feb for £2.15p or so, I was over the moon!!

    But you win some and lose some.

    I also bought Dele Alli, for £1.50 something, and ended up selling because he is a useless toad. Sold the week of his racist social media scandal, if you remember that, right after FI removed all his MB points because of negative media, he won it for the whole week, think I got about 52p for him. Meh!

  • @UncleBeard Cheeky £160 profit, not including the divs from IPDs!

    Dele Alli is a lost cause at the moment. Reminds me of a slightly better Lingard. Best thing for him would be to go abroad and come back in 2/3 years.

  • @xXMr_FishXx yeah, it offsets some of the masses losses i have at the moment so nice little shining light 😄 question is do I sell while hes flying?

  • Sancho. Bought a load for about £2.30. Sold some for about £14 or more and others for not far off that but still got plenty left so not sure what's going to happen with those but I think he's got another price surge in him.

  • @UncleBeard that says it all really. Even though he's gone goal crazy and is premier league tops over his price has halved since then and can probably sell shares in him for about 80p.

  • @Stevo jumped on him myself but a little wary as Kimmich returns

  • @Three-lions you mean for Germany? Kroos plays for Real Madrid so Kimmich shouldn't matter at club level 😉

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