Ligue 1 Weekly Preview - GW15 & 16

  • Hello all, how are you doing? How has trading been this week? Here is the latest Ligue 1 Preview to help you with your research for the next two Gameweeks.

    STATE OF THE MARKET - Small rises and Caan Berry🍒
    BUMPER WEEK OF FOOTBALL - Football coming out of every orifice 💰
    PLAYER OF THE WEEK - Ah La La La La Bamba! 🏖
    PLAYER TO WATCH - Lucas Paqueta is getting his mojo back👯‍♂️
    PB POWER RANKINGS - Hatem Ben Arfa maintains his form;
    INJURIES - Neymar is not dead LONG LIVE THE KING 👑
    IPO WATCH - Georginio Rutter is bubbling under🛀
    YOOF WATCH - Houssem Aouar looks back to near his best;
    UNDER THE BONET OF THE FRENCH PORT - Drip, drip, drip 🚰
    GERARD HOULLIER - Father of Modern French Football leaves the field.

  • I haven't traded this week yet but went BIG on Todd Cantwell last week (okay not that big) and he's already up 4p having peaked at 6p from my 65p purchase... So looks like the market is booming into life again (or at least is showing signs of life which is most needed)!!!!

    I did add a watch list of players I don't own but who 'I want' on the 19th November so 28 days later here are the results and significant losses had I invested BIG in the following players of tomorrow plus Neymar...

    UPAMECANO £1.99 (current price £1.40)
    MADDISON £2.43 (current price £1.59)
    BELLINGHAM £3.67 (current price £1.77)
    FELIX £3.94 (current price £3.32)
    FODEN £4.30 (current price £2.73)
    FATI £5.41 (current price £3.25)
    NEYMAR £6.73 (current price £5.34)
    SZOBOSZLAI £2.26 (current price £1.85)

    So for an investment of £30.67 (£3,067 per 100 shares) I would be currently DOWN in value to £21.25 (£2,167 per 100 although would prob need to wait six plus weeks to sell them at even lower than that) which is a LOSS across the board of £9.42 (or £942 per 100 shares in each) which sums it up nicely as THANK F*CK I DIDN'T INVEST!!!

    tbh not sure what they have done dividend wise in the last 30 days so that might have softened the blow... but do i invest NOW or LATER knowing that prices may still fall?

    Quick note I do realise these players aren't 'all' the modern way these days... there was a time when investing in 'kids' was the trend... these days it seems more for your Lewandowski and Kroos' of this world than for the likes of Foden, Felix or Fati... which i don't actually mind!!!

    Point being vlogs and podcasts on 'who's the dogs bollocks in France'... It all seems irrelevant!!!! Buy BIG, buy Brand Names, Adidas, Nike, Puma, not Joma, Vanquish or Sweaty Betty!!! But I do agree Neymar is NOT DEAD... although current value verses previous value states otherwise... it is 'the' best time to buy whilst prices are so low!!!!

    PS RIP Gerard..... A true likeable gentleman that did Liverpool (and Lyon) proud!

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