Portfolio Split?

  • Morning All!

    I am trying to get a balanced Portfolio and thought i did, but i have looked this morning, ( Good old Spreadsheet) and realised i am very Prem and Midfield heavy (Not by choice)

    Here is the breakdown of mine, what has everyone else got?

    30 people in my port

    3 GK
    9 DEF
    14 MID
    4 FWD

    7 Bundesliga
    5 La Liga
    3 Ligue 1
    8 Prem
    4 Serie A
    3 Non PB Leagues

  • @Dragon4Life

    I'm pretty sure this exact same question has been asked in the not too distant past and got quite a few replies so it might be worth using the search button to see whether you can find it 👍

  • 11 Players

    0 GK
    3 DEF
    5 MID
    3 FWD

    7 Prem
    2 Bundesliga
    1 Serie A
    1 Turkish Superlig

    I need some French keepers

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