• Any thoughts on the Nice striker? He was looking sharp before his groin injury and came on as a sub last game. Has almost halved in price over the last month but seemed to be showing his potential. I'm thinking of increasing my hold but as always would be appreciative for a view from the forum.

  • don't rate him , if he was any good ajax would have kept hold of him

    holding players like this under new mechanic is lethal imo as they are likely to never win MB or PB and will only deprecate

  • sort of agree with the above post.. I don't mind Dolberg as a footballer, there's a thousand others i like too, but to invest/gamble in the current market you need now to invest in 'proven' dividend winners or players that have significant transfer hype incoming..., Anyone else is too much of a risk!

  • Footballers are very erratic with form, heโ€™s not in form and been injured, good time to buy imo.
    I hold him just have to be patient.
    He scored 6 goals and 2 assist in 8 games at one point last year, he can do that again. In that run he got top forward.
    Like with all forwards imo you just have buy when out of form and sell them on the up.....

  • @NewUser469373 you can have all mine for a quid a piece if you like ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • I would flip your holding, as much as possible, for IPDs but I wouldnt increase it. There are more prolific IPD options for cheaper. Bamford, who I would not necessarily advocate buying, is only a few pence more and he has comfortably outscored Dolberg with one recent dividend win to boot and a small chance of media. And there is better value in Ligue 1.

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