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  • Hi all, I know things are bleak on the index right now particularly on Twitter and the other socials. There is a multitude of rumours, a fair amount with zero basis at all from the research I’ve done but hey ho.

    I thought this would be an enjoyable well balanced read for you courtesy of FIT. I for one think it puts things in a positive light and also addresses a number of concerns. There is even an FI credit rating for those that unfoundedly believe FI are in trouble.

    It’s a long read but I’d recommend it to any trader. Whatever side of the fence you sit on, it throws some very good undeniable points.


  • You beat me to it. Great article 💪🏻😉

  • @Valhalla It really is. Very balanced too. Unlike the video which was essentially a car review by someone who read the brochure and never drove the car!

  • A great read and puts the current issues in perspective whilst showing FI that there is a way out and room for improvement. Whether they accept the advice is another matter, but there is light at the end of the tunnel for traders if they do.

  • @Slimjim60 I like the part where he points out we are actually trading now. Spreads have tightened and sheds loads of trading is going on. We have all been so wrapped up with our ports going down, we have forgotten this. The stagnation has mostly gone. We still need more liquidity however, but now the market is starting to function as intended, and with some tweaks to the market mechanics, we should gradually start the rebuild.

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