Deli Ali

  • At 92 p each, I feel that is a god price at 24 years old as well got 100 just seeing what people thought of his value at the moment,

  • @Myles2521 1 question.....where do you see him earning divs, mb or pb or both?

  • It's a educated punt really can not see him at spurs much longer with the transfer window opening in January I'm trying to get in there now on players that will spike in the transfer window

  • @Myles2521 so you're only buying for a transfer spike then? If that's the case then it's not a bad punt, but one you'll need to get out of quite quickly once the transfer is confirmed as there will likely be a drop coming after it. Havent checked his historical scores and divs so am only going from gut here, but I dont think he gets PB so would ideally need to go to a dominant team in a farmers league to have more realistic chance. Mb he may do alright out of during the transfer but the there are some bigger name players likely to move at the same time so this isnt a given.

    All in all, yes it's a a punt, not one I'd be taking though

  • Yeah short term unless he dose go psg ,I've all ready set the order book , changing tatics as there is value in long term holds unless it's a power hold, my main to in bruno and grelish with the market up and down like Jake and jill on a hill

  • Ahh that well know tale of Jake and Jill

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