Number of players with no sell price

  • Is creeping up again.

    Seems FI is slowing changing direction again from long term trader to short term div monsters....

    Hard to keep up with which direction it wants both itself and us to go in.

    With the latest change to time divs are available until (by that I mean time we can buy to be eligible), and the impending 'look how much you could have won' change to the visual of our players.

    Seems FI are trying to squeeze every pig out of its blanket.

    Saying that, new money can make a killing at the moment - need to settle down this weekend and plan a cull of my port to take advantage.

  • I would be 'happier' if the dividend cut off was midnight, but the hold on a player purchased 'must be' for thirty days... or seven at least to satisfy the shorter traders? That way, we all get that nice payout and FI gets to keep money in the pot! It also 'encourages' trading, with folk pumping into dividend winners 'after' they have won dividends?

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