All Time Profit Calculation

  • Is the All Time Profit calculation accurate? I've always taken FI's word on it but I'm now not that convinced. Does it take into account divs?

  • @xXMr_FishXx

    Mine's about the correct ballpark, whilst not exact, if only we could compare it to those regular ATP e-mails that FI used to send out!!

  • @xXMr_FishXx no it's not!!!!

    It takes into account 'trading' so whilst I've say in hard cash deposited £100 exactly (for arguments sake)... I might have traded £123 over time when buying/selling/buying more... so the only true profit calculation i use is the amount 'deposited' and the amount 'withdrawn' along with your current portfolio value (which is about as useful as a chocolate fireguard) and your current balance!

  • I think the all time position figure (not %) is reliable (based on however you value your port).

    The calculation is Total Withdrawals + Portfolio Value + Cash Balance minus Total Deposits.

  • @Geronimo159387 Unfortunately haven't been around long enough to have seen those....sounds like they would be helpful! Bet they've got too many users to coordinate now.

  • @dannypea @Hint Thanks for the advice guys! Still trying to get to that break even mark 😅

  • @xXMr_FishXx tbf the 'profit' will probably read better if you 'ignore' what FI says and do it the way advised!

    I set up a simple spreadsheet that includes 'all' deposits and withdrawals and each month monitors balance on account and portfolio value, with that you can get a good idea of just how much you've spent, how much you've withdrawn, and what you have still 'in the game'.

  • @dannypea Yeah a spreadsheet is a good idea. I started one at the beginning of the month but the 5 months before that is unaccounted for.

    I'm not gonna be going anywhere any time soon anyway. As I see it the div payouts will eventually overtake my overall deposit...getting about 2% return every week! However, it is a very packed schedule at the moment.

  • @xXMr_FishXx as long as you know what you've deposited! that is the 'essential' part... if you don't know your figures and you don't know what you're making then it's not really investing, more gambling for fun... if you can be strict with the figures to make every penny count, you'll be more structured when things like they are now, are tight!

  • @xXMr_FishXx You getting 2 per cent a week ??

  • @Doddy Might have got a bit too excited there, I've returned 2.5% in the last week but had some big wins with Ronaldo and Lewa all bringing in PB and a lot of IPDs. The week before that it was 1.2% with Messi providing. If it keeps going at this rate it'll be 1% - 2.5% every week. However, football is non stop at the moment and there is the winter break coming up. Prior to that the returns were below 1% but I've reshuffled my port to be PB heavy which at the moment it seems the way to go! Can only hope for it to continue...

    But to be fair the drops are eating away at big chunks of the divs and finding it hard to stay green atm 😅

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