Announcement Negativity

  • Just been on Twitter.. the source of 'ALL' FI information.. and found out 'yesterday' they have provided a new dividend extension for the rest of 2020...

    I was surprised that a few people don't like this... Some say taking away the 'fun' in unearthing players.. But I think it would at least 'encourage' more trading which after all is what we all want!

    Anyone have any 'positive' thoughts on this? People have even moaned about IPO's but I think this is FI's 'BIGGEST' way to make 'NEW' money so have always encouraged them to add more!!! the fact they are slow to do this and it often goes under the radar really grates on my nerves!

  • @dannypea

    They made a few announcements on one post, so it's not always clear which part of the announcement people are responding negatively too, however I think the negative responses fall into a few categories:

    IPO's - There is only a finite amount of money people are willing to put into FI. So the more players on the index the thinner that money is spread. I think some people are justifiably worried that adding more players at this time is just going to reduce the value are current players. This is a difficult one as they've held off doing IPO's for a long time and the market is getting out of date. Pre-Christmas when money is tight is probably not the best time to do it but they have to do it at some point. I think they need to do it but i think the people with concerns have valid points.

    Deadline extension - There's no real downside to this for traders as far as I can see, but it's basically a money making exercise for FI. The shares are just being traded from one player to another, so their dividend liability stays the same but they get the extra commission. I don't see anything wrong with this but I think some traders, who justifiably feel burned by FI at the moment just see this as another example of FI milking traders for every penny.

    People were expecting a bigger announcement- Some people are disliking this as they were expecting a bigger announcement from FI, maybe some sort of big Christmas promo to try and reward traders who have stuck with FI through a very rocky period. When they didn't get this they responded by disliking the announcement that was made.

    General Sentiment - People are unhappy with FI at the moment, they are going to find flaws with any announcement they made.

  • most including myself just see it as a half arsed attempt to get traders to commit more money into the platform

    the announcement once again does absolutely nothing to address the fundamental issue that there is nowhere near enough money in the platform for about 70% of the players listed

    people are fed up with FI's nonsense and want something concrete announced not just more hot air

  • its a reasonable Christmas offer, but offers nothing much to longer term traders who are like myself unable to trade due to the huge losses on portfolio values. I have 2 options sell at a large loss or put more money in to be able to trade, im not prepared to do either.
    I'm simply not prepared to buy a player 18 months ago at 1.80 and sell at 85pence ish all to try and trade the loss back without knowing what the long term plan of FI is, and that counts for putting more money in, im simply not doing it until I have some sort of idea of what FI long term plan is because quite honestly I've lost count of the amount of times I've rejigged my portfolio only for FI to change sonething

  • just pumping good money in after bad , im thanking my lucky stars i never put more in earlier because i could be down about 5 grand by now if i hadnt listened to my gut

  • prices dropping because of this announcement, done it again.

  • @GeoffS I think 'bigger' than adding IPO's is removing third choice Saudi Arabian goalkeepers and retired players that bring up the rear of the index... I wonder if they'll be 500-1000 players that traders don't even have any money in???

    IPO's are needed, they are 'essential' and a necessity, otherwise when Neymar, Messi, Ronaldo, etc are retired, (a long way off i know) they'll be nobody left to invest in!!!

    What is needed is a dedicated profiles manager at FI that sifts through the crap 'EVERY' day and adds more at the earliest opportunity... Liverpool, champions of England last night gave Rhys Williams a Premier League debut... IPO him TODAY!!!! Strike whilst the iron is HOT!

    The deadline extension for me is ok, but not great... 8pm gives you a 'better' chance of dividend for that day.... when the dust settles, other than Sat/Sun it won't make a lot of daily difference... Does this include buying PB players? I sometimes miss the cut at 3pm so this is more appealing if so!

    I'm not sure anything 'more' gimmicky could return long lost confidence... the platform needs 'time' to settle so that investors can buy and sell on skill... just chucking new offers in will only prolong what has happened in recent months to later down the line!

  • @GeoffS agree with everything you said. Especially the last part. The general feeling is FI owe the ones that have stuck with them and ultimately suffered. Whatever they do , unless drastic, that ill feeling isn't going to go away

  • IPO's are a scam!

  • I like it, but why 8pm!? Get all games included, not sure how many extra full time results we gain from the ones played between 4pm-8pm? But lots of big games arent finished by 8pm.

  • @NewUser693253 in what way?

  • @howsthebacon It is just another gimmick designed to directly transfer funds from users to FI, depleting the market of even more funds. How does that benefit anyone else other than FI?

    Nothing new anyway. They will continue to suck money out of the market at every opportunity not realising/acknowledging the damage they are doing

  • @NewUser693253 said in Announcement Negativity:

    @howsthebacon It is just another gimmick designed to directly transfer funds from users to FI, depleting the market of even more funds. How does that benefit anyone else other than FI?

    Nothing new anyway. They will continue to suck money out of the market at every opportunity not realising/acknowledging the damage they are doing

    So what would your solution be or would you rather we just keep the current set of players unchanged indefinitely.

  • @qwertqwert Yes they should be removing shares and players from the market, to compress and add value to existing holds. I don't see the urgency to bring new players in, specially at this moment in time but to dress it up as a promotion is taking the mick honestly

  • The issue so far is that the IPO offerings have been vastly overpriced and motivated not by a concern for the market but by a desire to increase revenue. Who is buying these players? There is so much better value elsewhere and it's thinning an already thin market.

    Ultimately the announcement was uninspiring - it did nothing. We see yields now, which should have been there ages ago, but the figures are all over the shop. Perhaps I'm missing something, but it seems like they've fucked the calculations, which is hardly inspires confidence for investment/gambling platform. Juan Cuadrado, for example, is shown as having a 12 month yield of 48p, which is represented as 73.85% of his value, although his current sell and buy price exceed £1...

  • @NewUser693253 I mean I personally don't think IPOs should be priority, especially the players they seem to be introducing but they do need to continuously introduce new players as time goes by.

    I don't think it's a scam as such as no-one is making you bid for these players and if you buy them as you think they are good value, they should return you dividends.

    So in conclusion, I agree that they're nothing to get excited about currently and may even have a negative effect on liquidity, I think to call them a scam is a bit of a stretch.

  • @howsthebacon They do need to bring exciting new players to the market however that should be balanced with taking players/shares out of the market. This is a massive sticking point for as long as they keep adding players to the market they are effectively reducing the chances of you winning and therefore reducing value to your bet.

    They need to be questioned about this and what are their intentions going forward because as it is it is not sustainable and it leaves those less informed scratching their heads why the marking is tanking, where is the bottom... if the underlying mechanics are faulty and work against the market then it needs to be addressed not ignored

  • @Timmy The yield is based on his buy price from 1 year ago

  • I would say IPO's are an absolute PRIORITY!

    Leeds United played last night (in a PB league), scored five goals and four of their starting XI are STILL not on football index...

    whilst i get we do need to have a 'cut off' (liverpool have 32 players on the index) we also need to make it an even playing field for teams and players who are dividend eligible.. ie playing in PB leagues!!!

    Cadiz are eighth in la liga,... they have THREE players to pick from on this platform, already a third into the season!!! What have FI been doing???? Where are these players???

    The complacency is shocking, and whilst yes, there are bigger more pressing issues than IPO's, the fact that FI fail to update, monitor and improve their players on offer is one of a number of reasons why the platform is failing like it is!!!

    For example anyone who's checked and clicked on 'AGE' will know that Ruben Blanco, Gabriel Gomez and Hattan Bahebri ARE NOT 2,020 years old!!!!!

    Sh*t like this winds me up!!!! Give me the login, i'll google their ages and sort it out for you, i'll add more players and take out the shite that are below 10p and haven't had any price movement for 3 months and longer!!!!

  • NFFC.png image url)

    Just checked my own team Forest, who FI actually sponsor... 11 players on the platform, no problem as they aren't in a PB league (and prob never will be on current form) but look at this inept chart!!!!!!!!!

    6 of those 11 aren't even at the club!!!!!!!!!

    Surely FI have a trainee or someone that can monitor transfers and players movement?????????

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