Dividend Yield Info - Spot any errors drop them here.....

  • Just started to look at the Div Yield info...

    Unai Lopez - £0.00 in the last 12 months. My port says I have £55.60 in divs from him, I have 278 bought in June???

    Portu another one, £0.00 in last 12 months. Bought around same time as Unai, got 258 of him and have £30.96 in divs.

    Seems some of the info is not right.

  • @Millerman

    Are those dividends IPD's, I don't think the info includes it. Seems like a lot from IPD's, but was this around the 5 x promo, I can't remember exactly when that was?

    Alternatively have you owned these players before? When you buy someone, collect dividends, sell them and then buy them back at a later date it still shows the dividends you earned under your previous ownership, it's very annoying.

  • @GeoffS x5 ipd promo was september iirc

  • @GeoffS No I had not mate, first time buys - and bought just before the change in order books - so nearly impossible to sell at the price I bought.

    I just give in..........

  • @Millerman

    Portu and Lopez have only won PB 1 time each, both over a year ago. For Portu it was 3rd of November 2019, for Unai Lopez it was 1st of December 2019.

    Their yield is therefore correct.

  • Javi Martinez is incorrect. 4p in MB dividends at a 7.69% yield.

    Yet according to his 1 year graph his price was 30p a year ago, which would equate to a 13.33% yield, not 7.69%.

    In fact at no point in the last 12 months has his price risen above 33p (according to his graph), so his yield must be at least 12.12%.

  • @Dan-The-Man thak you for that.

    My fault for understanding that the total yeild does not include the totals those players have learnt.

    Which leads me to the following point.

    Who from FI towers thought this was a good idea, where was it on the road map and why not just ha e a rolling 12 month this is what he has learnt against 1 future.

    Rather than a % of a 12 mo the figure?

  • @Millerman

    Honestly, it seems to me that most of the data FI puts out should comes with a giant asterisks, most of it feels scammy to me.

    That said, they at least show you what the real world money was on that figure so that you can see Bruno's 110% was actually just £2.90, which is less than 50% if you bought the share today.

    In fairness to FI, I'm not sure the community could agree on which pieces of data are worth listening to.

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