Neymar at £20 !!

  • Will this happen next season?

    my answer YES....if he lifts the WC, has a 'Salah' kind of season next year and scores 25+ goals then it would not surprise me if he hits £20....he still has the WC matches in his favor to get a price rise, the MB is also on his side and the PB wins will be an added bonus as well !!

    So don't worry traders you haven't missed the boat i think there is still some nice profit to be gained from Neymar !!

  • I don’t think the dividend structure could support a £20 player. It just wouldn’t be worth it for the returns. Not to say it couldn’t happen, but I’d certainly sell all my futures in him if he got anywhere close to that figure and take the profit before he collapsed back again

  • There will be many disappointed punters with Neymar when he's injured and only plays a bit part. He has his final examination tomorrow. From my experience it'll take a while to step up to the rigorous nature of tournament football... I think it's just maybe 2 to 3 weeks too soon.

    He'll be amazing next season for sure.

  • @NewUser109527 Luis Suarez was injured and still scored 2 goals to dump England out the World Cup. He was probably determined to get us back because he got injured in the English league.

  • @NewUser129053 The average savings account with a Bank will pay you 10p per YEAR on £20. Neymar gets double that almost weekly. £20 is nothing on the grand scheme of it. We will look back in years to come and be amazed at the current value.

    A very crude calculation - Based on interest rates (excluding rises and falls in his value) Neymar is worth around £1,000 per share and that's not including PB.

  • The only way I can see Neymar hitting £20 in 2018 is if he joins Man Utd this Summer.

    I have shares in him, so it would be great if it happens, but I can’t see it at the moment.

  • @FI-Futures Can you give us some more details of what that crude calculation is based on?

    I understand the point you're making, but FI is a completely different entity to a bank savings account, isn't it? It certainly offers far better potential returns, but your balance is never going to go down in the bank, which could happen on FI. A better comparison would be other stock/share investment platforms - to the best of my knowledge FI stacks up pretty favourably there too.

  • The calculations is that Neymar would get approximately 10per week over 52 weeks (so £5). This is approx what a Bank would pay you (0.5%) of £1,000

    I completely agree that FI is NOTHING like a Bank account and it really is NOTHING like it and thats why I said that it assumes there is no price increase or decrease.

    Factor an increase in however PLUS PB and the £1,000 might begin to look cheap.

    If you then look at players further down the price list then there are some amazingly good value players for returns.

  • @NewUser129053 said in Neymar at £20 !!:

    I don’t think the dividend structure could support a £20 player.

    This- posts claiming inflated possibilites can cause just as much panic as 'it's a crash' threads.

    There's a natural 'value ceiling' that will be reached. People will take profit, his price will drop. People will then panic because they didn't reach the expected levels.

    £15 absolute max unless we get a dividend review. Expect volatility before that point.

  • When a bank account goes into a 50/50 challenge that could lead to a broken leg and a loss of savings then it might be a sensible comparison.

    If a bank account wasnt government protected up to 50k and could move to china seeing investors lose most of their money then it might be a sensible comparison.

    Its risk v return. FI is very high risk so must have a very high reward to justify the risk.

    I mean seriously if you would pay 1k for a naymar future I dont know what to say ...

  • @mike778

    Keep your pants on. It was just an example, no one was suggesting that you must by Neymar at £1000.

    In any event, he’s only £13.50 at the moment, so still highly profitable if you buy and hold him for the long term.

  • @ocs123 I've chosen to keep hold of him and think he could rise to £20 potentially though I don't think he is worth that myself. If he did I would sell him and then take the money and re-invest it in players that are aged around 20 and with high potential for the future.

  • @ocs123 @mike778 was just pointing out why it's silly to compare shares in Neymar to a bank savings account, which the previous poster initially did. The same poster then himself said FI is nothing like a savings account, so I'm not sure why he made that comparison in the first place. It would only make sense to buy a single share in anyone for £1000 if you were getting higher no-risk interest than at the bank.

    None of the above means Neymar isn't good value at 13.50. Even the more conservative estimates above say he'd be worth £15. Personally I think he'd be worth buying at a slightly higher price than that.

  • Everytime we mention a price hike, "can Neymar go up more" etc there's always at least one suggesting that it can't be done, it wouldn't work, he's not worth it etc.... do investors that put 8k into bitcoin think like this? No? Because if we did we would all be putting into cryptos at the lower end??? Fact is that Neymar brings in guaranteed dividends so whilst ever he's doing this people will invest in him at whatever cost he is... which as the market leader then drives up the rest of the market!!!!

    £20/£40/£100 a share would no doubt be FI's most optimistic (secret) targets because if he's doing well (as long as he's the best player in the world once Messi & Ronaldo pack up) the whole market will be doing well.

    The only thing that can stop his price rising short term (as we've found out his market value is immune to injury) is a share split which i suppose will be win win as no doubt he'll still eventually reach the price he's at again!!!

    No brainer, if you believe in FI.... Believe in Neymar!!!

  • Do you all not think the rumours of a share split with no dividend change could be driving this recent Neymar growth?

    Conventional wisdom in my time on the index is that there is a cap anywhere between £14 to £16. If Neymar keeps going up and reaches that range then a lot of traders will sell up as it will make sense for them to do so based on their strategy. If there are still buyers in the market at that point then either the general sentiment is that the price cap is higher, or they're buying expecting a share split. Then if the share split doesn't happen you could have a lot of money tied up in Neymar for reasons that will be invalid. Price should go down.

    Just a theory. Neymar is far too rich for my blood so it's interesting to watch/speculate from the outside.

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