Minting new shares ?

  • Excluding the obvious minting of new IPO’s

    Can anyone please very simply explain at what point FI mint new shares in a player and what dictates the price they sell that player for ?

    Cheers guys

  • @Three-lions If the demand for a player exceeds the amount of shares in circulation FI will mint shares which will add value to the player after x amount of shares minted.

    So for example

    There are 1,000 shares of Harry Kane currently in circulation at £1.00 per share. He scores a hat trick, no one wants to sell but 1000 want to buy (at buy now). FI mint 1000 shares to meet the demand but minting every 500 shares puts up the value of each share by 1p so he is now £1.02 per share

    I think this is how it all works

    The figures I used are just as an example and not accurate or current.

  • @Kipper72 that’s cool, I get the easy to use figures used to illustrate as an example.

    Thank you. I don’t believe if seen since the depth was introduced an example yet of a player with zero shares ( or not enough shares for me to purchase ) sitting in a sell queue.

    Has anyone witnessed this ?

    I guess presently with limited trading that not many people have !

  • @Three-lions Screenshot_20201217-063250.jpg

    You can see then trying to mint Crouchy here. When you see batches of 870 in this price range it's most likely FI. 870 is the amount needed to sell to go up 1p in this range.

  • Maybe he will play in a testimonial at Anfield and win a Media dividend for knocking himself unconscious by hitting his head on the crossbar.

    Not quite the example I was looking for .... but made me laugh 👍

  • Surely the figures would need to be in the opposite boxes, or am I being stupid.

    In this example there are shares in existence that are up for sale but nobody wants to buy.

    Surely it needs to be the opposite .... shares being bid for but none up for sale ?

  • @Three-lions no what westy was saying is that there were no shares up for sale (probably because you know he's retired 😂🤦‍♂️) so FI have filed the gap by minting new ones at the vacant price points and added them to the offer list in quantities of 870. @Westy any ideas what would happen if say I had 30 Crouches (I do not as I'm not a moron!!) and listed at 30p, would FI remove 30 of the ones they minted or would the number go up to 900? If an offer was made at 30p who's would be accepted mine or their's (I have a bad feeling I know what the answer to that is going to be 😂)

  • @9stevo if someone listed 30 shares at 30p then yes the number of shares available would go up to 900. The new shares being minted would be sold first as they were placed at that point prior to the traders offee

  • @Ddr thanks, that's what I thought

  • @Three-lions yes, I don't think we will get blank offers as FI fill them automatically by looks of it...

    So if bids were in but no one offering, FI will try to mint.

  • The theory was that FI only issued new shares when a player reached a new peak price.

    So is 27p the highest price Crouch has ever been???

  • @NewUser565183 said in Minting new shares ?:

    The theory was that FI only issued new shares when a player reached a new peak price.

    So is 27p the highest price Crouch has ever been???

    Not quite correct as fi used to be able to remove shares through the old is method, so they didnt have to reach a historical leak before new shares were minted

  • @Ddr
    I suppose FI could argue that they should be able to mint new shares at whatever the peak is since instant sell was scrapped - which I guess could be 27p for Crouch. But its still different to what most people thought FI were doing now.

  • Seems to me they are minting a lot. Most of my recent buys have been instant buys, because it saves a few pennies every time, so they must be holding a mass of shares in different players.

  • @Slimjim60 does an instant buy necessarily mean it is a newly minted share from FI ?

    If so, to me that would give reason to some of their recent promos, promoting instant buys with tightened spreads and rebates and no commission

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Three-lions No, doesn't necessarily mean it's being bought from fi. When you list your shares for sale using the 'place an offer' mechanic, this lists your shares as available to be purchased. So if your shares were the current lowest offer, and I purchase via 'buy now' I am purchasing my shares direct from you, not FI

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