Going Green

  • Ok still a long way to go (my profit benchmark is down a good few k since March) but are we starting to see signs now of stability?

    Great for the market last few days with divi wins for Rashford, Kroos, Neymar, Messi, Lewandowski, Grealish etc which if it (and it should) continues, will drive the prices of the best footballers back up... (which the market needs to survive).

    We've gone from weeks where i could count 24hr green players on one hand... to now a good fifty plus players with more than a 2p rise overnight... So why the difference? Is it totally down to the latest offer or are we finally seeing a bit of positivity back in the platform?

    I've always said if investors invest, we'll have no problems... it's when investors stop investing which always gets me worried!

  • No green in my portfolio 😩☠️

  • @Bluemist Rome weren't built in a day!!!!

  • @dannypea although it only took that to destroy Pompei!!!!

  • Yes, the market is hopefully finding its feet now. Prices are still painfully low, but at least we are trading after months of stagnation and out of touch blue button prices. So in that respect, it’s great to see OB are working.

  • @dannypea

    Good post mate... we did have a little recovery but I still don’t see people buying, people placing offers an getting bids accepted but even then their players are still losing there bid value. The FOOTIE is going down an down each day an the top 200 are just losing value it’s just mad an scary how the platform is at the moment but I still believe in the product of FI an it’s quite simple now that liquidity is needed very very soon for this product to survive. I give credit to the members that have stayed strong/positive through this tough period and not sold there players at an unbelievable loss. I know it’s not a happy platform now but things will improve as they’ve come along way to let it sink now

  • @Dav I suppose the good thing now is that we can see who's selling and for what price, which means we know we can buy at 'that' price... which will no doubt have a negative effect on the top benchmark price of a player, but at least frees cash in portfolios to invest elsewhere when others buy!!!!

    Next step is building enough confidence up (or by marketing to more new users) so that people actually deposit money... rather than playing with what they currently have locked in on the platform!!!

  • Not seeing any sign of green myself.. Portfolio is still going down... Where is this going to end???
    Practically 20% less value in the portfolio than what I paid..
    If this carries on for another month....
    Don't feel like buying anyone at the moment as soon as you buy you lose value..
    A few PB wins recently but doesn't come anywhere near the loses...
    I hope FI sort this mess out very soon!!

  • you can see clear signs that they re trying to stop the leek , they need to change the egg cup to a kettle. The footie loses around 5-10% per week , if it carrys on the site sinks.

  • Is it safe to say that we can’t really buy players now because of how there dropping.

    I wish they could bring liquidity back

  • I’d rather be buying players when they have fallen 60% than risen 60%

  • Someone posted 8 hours ago about the green shoots of recovery. Not sure he was talking about FI portfolios though! Very few of the top 200 are green and on the other side, there are many with very large losses. Another £400 in value gone again today despite a few quid in dividends reinvested earlier (Immobile and Martial).

    The ‘game players’ will have their fill soon, hopefully, and prices will start to rise again until their next ‘game’. Not that FI will look in to it, just like the last time.

    Stay strong, if not positive and raise your sell prices.

  • Me too 👍all my holds are red I’m just reducing my ave buy price when I can

  • Same my ports completely in the red... I’m just lost for words

  • @Dav Lost for words about says it all.
    Unless FI come out with a BOGOF😉 promo then anything else is going down like a lead ballon.
    Christ know the solution as the damage being done is game changing for many many investors🤨

  • @Gazz127 What the ‘game players’ do not realise , or fail to think about is their own end game. Drive everyone else out and they have nobody to sell to, so all that effort for what? Great strategy eh!

  • My port dropping roughly £200 a day every day this week.

    I'm actually now starting to get really worried as at the current rate at I have about 36 days to go before it hits zero!!!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Am in same boat . My ipd expiring in few days , which only thing keeping money coming in . If I had more money then definitely buy to reduce average cost . Don’t know what to do ?

  • @FOF said in Going Green:

    If I had more money then definitely buy to reduce average cost . Don’t know what to do ?

    The three most common approaches to money trapped in players whose price has dropped:-

    Option 1 - Refuse to sell at a loss and hold out for a price rise. Personally, I think this is unrealistic for most players as new traders can buy and sell at lower prices, so the old offers will never get matched.

    Option 2 - Buy at low prices and try to reduce average cost and then try to sell at a profit. This might involve adding a significant amount of new money which goes against wanting to sell up. It is also kidding yourself as you have actually lost on your early purchases and made a profit on the new ones. that is why I prefer Option 4.

    Option 3 - Accept your losses, sell at a loss and then start trading in new players at current market prices.

    Out of these 3 options, I prefer Option 3 as it is better to accept the past and move on. However, I think there is an Option 4 which a hybrid of Option 2 and 3.

    Option 4 - Buy a small number of existing players at a low price, but rather than use them to lower your average price flip them instead. Say you have 100 players @ £2.00, but they are now trading at £1.00 to £1.20. You would have to buy loads to reduce ave price (Option 2), but you buy 10 @ £1.05 and instantly offer them @ £1.15, you are making 10% - 4% = 6% profit every couple of days. Another advantage is that your new shares are eligible for IPD.

    You could try buying at £1.00 and selling at £1.20 or trade in higher volume to make a bigger profit, but it will take longer to match your bids and offers.

    Buying/selling 10 at a time will be a slow process, but surely it is better to see some activity and slow improvement. The small quantity also means you don't have to deposit and commits loads more money.

    You are effectively doing Option 2 but with immediate results. It is important to keep a good spreadsheet though, because you are effectively buying at £1.05 and selling the old £2 shares first. FI portfolio will make it look like your ave cost has fallen, so you need to manually record what you paid and what you sold for. Fi will treat it like you have sold your old £2 share for £1.15, but if you are buying for £1.05 and selling for £1.15 you are improving your position. Once you have made a profit, accept that the original £2 shares can be sold at a loss.

    Hope this makes sense.

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