Market Crash - Postive Sentiment

  • Just for this post only, provide a positive comment regarding the current crash

    Mine is FI is doing us a massive favour, by gifting all us early traders the opportunity to invest at rock bottom prices. Fuck me if they said this to us 12 months ago, we all would have bitten their hands off..

    Maybe just maybe everything will be good long term and those who believe in the platform will be rewarded handsomely..

    Think a little differently for a few minutes and see what you can come up with 👍🤦‍♂️

  • @Karl 'Mine is FI is doing us a massive favour'


  • The best i can come up with is

    "Stockholm Syndrome"

  • @Karl
    Are you on day release.

  • @NewUser182678 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • @NewUser182678 said in Market Crash - Postive Sentiment:

    Are you on day release.

    😂 It is brutal at the moment, but tomorrow is another day.

  • @Karl this is such a funny delusional point of view.

    And for all those that were on for years and helped raise the price of players, and the market, who now have ports full of the top players, but at 5x the cost they are today?

    Should we be grateful they crashed the market? at least they have given us multiple crashes over a few months to try and buy-in and lower our average costs.

    They're so good to us!!

    If you're going to start a ridiculous thread like this, at least point out something actually decent, like increase of IPDs.

  • My sensible head is this purely a Christmas crash people needing money with most of the country going tier 3 again , I read alot of post on here about why this has happened or not this, any one with any common sense can see 95% of the bad turn of events in this platform are covid related I know there are other issues as well

  • @Myles2521 disagree with this, 95%, don't just chuck a % out there for the sake of it, think about it first. Whilst I believe there's a degree of money leaving is because of COVID, I would say this whole transition has been very well politically played.

    Knowing emphasis would be on COVID, there was no better time for FI, but absolutely no sensible reason for their user-base, for FI to transition a wafer thing market, a large percentage of which was soft-money, adrenaline seeking traders. Yet they used the timing of COVID to move onto order-books, knowing there was no liquidity.

    They went ahead with it, during probably the roughest financially affected economic time of our lives, with people being made redundant, knowing the market would crash.

    And why? To remove the huge liability of IS (instant sell), and to transition onto a system which was not correctly implemented.

    It's no coincidence that there latest update included the lines "This year has been an exceptional one for all of us during which we have seen some unprecedented effects on our lives. It has taught us all to embrace change", thus linking the difficult FI times with COVID, and letting us know, the FI bet has changed!?

    "At the end of the year, many of us pause and reset our lives, setting new goals and aspirations for the future. Football Index is no exception." And there we have it, shut up and move on everyone, that's their message, lets play a new game.

    COVID did not crash the market, FI's shite timing and lack of support for their underpopulated platform is what has shoved us into this mess. But we're fickle adrenaline seeking monkeys, who, like I have said before; place a bet, lose, kick off, get FOMO, and bet again.

  • Covid did a lot of shit this year but it certainly didn't take my money... FI did and guess what assuming that they still have it and is not in some bank account in the Cayman Islands I don't see why they can't put it to good use and alleviate some of the distress they have caused

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