• Right, ok, I know there’s drops, and multiple topics on players, but what do we think of Hakimi?

    He’s just come back from injury. No bids. I just keep putting in the lowest possible bid and it’s matched within minutes. People want rid. Why?

    Was he not first team? I thought he pitched in with assist and goals!

    Him, alongside Nkunku I just keep buying more due to price and to be honest... ease. Maybe I’m wrong doing this.

  • Hakimi and Sancho were both better together imo.

  • @NorfolkCanary well I hope Hakimi starts starting, and doing some good. Sancho didn’t look up to much tonight.

  • He hasn’t started a lot, no Europe and looking forward no Euros. He does score quite high PB when he does play, can see why the drop recently though if you compare prices for the same sort of player.

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