Harry Kane for Next Season

  • Held Kane since my very first day I joined football index. Saw good returns, but peaked a few months ago, now is dropping.

    People seem to be selling to jump on the next thing - e.g. Salah, PEA etc.

    I am wondering whether it's worth continuing to hold (if his price will go back up next season and surpass its previous high point), or if I should look to sell also and move into PEA ahead of next season.

  • I am holding, don’t see the point in selling, England’s best striker not even at his peak, champions league football next year at spurs, new stadium, will be in the media over the next few years easily, bound to be transfer spec and up and coming World Cup.

    Yes, who would have thought Salah would be £10 , nobody, KANE is proven in the prem, will be excellent next year again no doubt, I don’t see him a gamble at all.

    He might drop after the World Cup but he will go back up, I will just buy more then, no point in selling due to commission. You have to think long term, a lot of people seem to treat FI as quick fix gambling, that is the worst way to make make money unless you get really lucky on a transfer.

    Sales pitch over .

  • Would you buy Kane at his current price?

    Done a video here which explains what I mean

  • @NewUser60527 Its not the worst way to make money its just a different way too how you make money.

    For me i would rather take my profit than see a player drop a £1/£1.50 which is basically me losing money.

    For you it seems you like to think long term which is fine

  • @TradingJournal
    I topped up yesterday.

    I am not looking at the next few months, more like the next season, Mb buzz from world Cup will be a bonus.

    I watching people buying players like Jordan Pickford, why the hell would you do that, he will win nothing.

    People,panic selling just to get on transfers, I know what a merry go round that is because I did the same thing last year! And lost money, I know know that if you pick the players who are always going to be around the media it’s a safer bet, like Pogba for example I have a lot of him, he might drop for the transfer window but will go back up for the new season, last year I would have panicked sold but not this time.

    IF I want to get on a transfer I will just put more money in.

  • @NewUser60527 or reinvest that buzz ;)

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