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  • Hi all, Ive taken a back seat for the last 6 months and let what will be, be! What happens when you shares hit 3 years old? Is there an easy way of looking up how old your shares are. Iv'e scrolled all my history and I still can't find/remember buying the great Godfred Donsah who is my oldest longest hold, any help greatly appreciated,

  • @PogbaforMB it will be in ur transaction history had to go through all of mine ages ago when selling a lot of players just to check profits etc.

  • @CLACKETT What a pain. Do you just lose the shares of the 3 years expire? Messi is my 3rd longest hold I'm slowly starting to panic!

  • @CLACKETT Thank you by the way for the rapid response!

  • @PogbaforMB yeah it's very tedious took ages to do but I write down now. I haven't heard of anyone shares expiring to be honest. But I was coming upto it a few months back and didnt wana risk it with how things looked like they were going to pan out so sold a lot. Luckily they were all at top prices or close.

  • @PogbaforMB plan is for shares to be date stamped, to make it easier to know how old your shares are. In the absence of this, FI previously confirmed that no shares would be expired until 2021, although I appreciate that is getting close now.

    What we don't know is exactly when the date stamping will come in and how much notice we will have before they start expiring shares. I saw 30 days mentioned somewhere but that was nothing official so is probably no more helpful than any other guess.

    Until then, the transaction history is the only way to check (you can get to this through the website although I believe you can email Customer Service and ask for this as a csv file, which would make filtering easier although I've never done this so can't confirm it works).

    Personally, I'm quite cautious so although no shares will be expired without prior notice, I suspect this will be a general announcement, rather than individual emails, etc therefore I would want to get ahead of the curve, so I would suggest finding your purchase dates and consider refreshing those shares that are either close to or already over the 3 year limit when the spreads on that player are a bit tighter, then you won't have to worry about it (would give you another 30 days for IPDs too).

  • As of now nobody has ever had a share expire.

    Until FI bring in time stamping it wont happen.

  • I'm sure I also read the same as Munchie63 states, that no shares will be expired until they start time stamping.

  • @PogbaforMB I asked CS this very question (always better to ask them than the forum) and got the following answer.

    "At this time there is no 3 year share expiry in place. However this is planned to come into play at some point in 2021. This will be communicated widely to all traders who will also be given plenty of notice before it comes into play so that they can trade accordingly."

    I now have this as back up if they do start cancelling any of my shares that are almost 3 (I going 3 years ago in Feb so was starting to worry) If I were you I'd email them so you have a copy of their official response addressed to you. Probably overkill but I just don't believe a word they say at the moment 😂

  • @PogbaforMB yep, the three year rule is a myth. I have shares over three years old.

  • It's a 3 year bet if you have premium holds, but if you are trading the vast majority of players with little chance of winning PB and MB it is a 30 day bet.

  • I have shares over three years old - I have recently been in dialogue with CS who have assured me they will not expire as soon as it gets to January 1st, but that we will get ample notification later in the year of when they will expire.

    I wanted something in writing incase my three year old Alex Sandro's disappeared without my knowledge.

  • @PogbaforMB

    The datestamping line is correct but that was tied to NASDAQ tech (promised launch Sept 2020, which hasn't happened obviously!!) so the 2021 date also stemmed from this milestone. Clearly, like most things FI have promised (& failed to deliver), this is another totally unsatisfactory situation but without datestamping or a significant period of expiry notice then FI are highly unlikely to remove any futures.

    Given the current state of market liquidity it's not feasible that traders will be told their futures will be expired, as they may need many months to sell some players, so without significant notice & realistic exit options we can assume the "3 year bet" rule is currently suspended.

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