Far to many gamblers

  • and not enough investors who understand markets,dealing and dividends on the platform the sooner they go back to Ladbrokes and leave the investors to control the market the better. There are some easy 30% + returns out there for investors at the moment on dividends alone for a 3 year investment with share prices so low.

  • @NewUser65276 you won't wish gamblers away when you've got yourself a shite hold, or you want an easy flip.

    And who do you think those adrenaline seeking monkeys are, that buy players on a match day?

  • Utter rubbish NewUser65276!! Are you being paid to make those comments. Investors? What are you on? Mr big shot, who's just joined FI. Some of us have been on here for years and have seen the rapid loss of share value and system changes.......all for the worse. Give me my share value and I'll happily disappear.

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