Has anyone ever known a user who’s won a previous cash drop prize ?

  • Just wondering?

    What a great time for someone to win a decent cash prize to reinvest at these crazy prices !

    I personally would reinvest every penny ... would you ?

  • I really couldn't say for sure either way, there's some amazing bargains out there but prices still seem to be dropping albeit slower than they were, I keep telling myself to let the dividends build up in case I need to withdraw but then end up buying at these prices, not sure if I'm being smart or stupid

  • @Three-lions Only seen on Twitter people win it. Do you know when the money lands in your account?

    Personally would probably take half out and put it in savings and put the other half back into the platform.

    As @KingKev said, prices are dropping at a much slower rate so we're close to the bottom I think. If not, imagine seeing an Mbappe at £3, would be ridiculous 😂

  • @KingKev feeling you with that mate. Doing exactly the same.
    For the first time ever, I started recording my dividends starting 1st December.
    Was going to start building them up ... It’s been pretty good, just over £600.00 in 20 days.

    I keep asking myself if I’m mad, but I keep using it to lower my costs on players I already hold and believe in .... also refreshing their IPD ‘s at the same time.

    I’ve had great success with Robertson, Lewandowski, Benzima Delort .... to name a few.

    It’s going OK and enables me to continue trading whilst keeping these players at realistic holding prices.

    Not so great for holds I have in KDB and Marquinos.

    I’d love to throw more money at KDB at his current price to bring his cost down but .... would cost an absolute bomb ... really just need a couple of good PB wins and he should Rock’it like Bruno yesterday.

    Here’s hoping 🤞

    Can’t wait for a little stability and rises to follow.

    Not going to happen while these promos are on encouraging short term gambling .... or is this just the future now ?

  • @xXMr_FishXx fair play. Not sure on the whole close to the bottom though.

    I gave up on that mirage a while back ... feels like penny stocks now.

    Still good money to be made though I believe ... as long as FI stay in business, which I’m pretty confident the will

  • @Three-lions

    I would re-invest it all but in stages over the next 2 to 3 months.

  • @Three-lions I've also got Robertson and KDB amongst many others, been earning decent dividends but my port value keeps dropping, I'm in it for the long haul anyway, not got much choice to be honest but I still enjoy it despite the mismanagement, KDB inparticular looks great value at the moment but will keep dropping until he wins PB I reckon

  • @xXMr_FishXx why would it be ridiculous he never wins dividends or media and loves an injury £3 is too much

  • @thelossadjustor The kid turned 22 yesterday and is one of the best footballers in the world already. He's still got so much time to improve, Ronaldo and Messi were nowhere near at the height of their powers at that age. He's not suited for the matrix now as I'm sure Ronaldo wasn't back when he was 22, his time will come. I'm also not saying he's ever going to ever reach the heights of Ronaldo or Messi but I think he'll be the best of his generation IMO - easily going to return more than £3 over the course of his career.

    Additionally to this, he's got the Euros next year and the World Cup with France the following year.

  • @Three-lions I won £500 quid back in April, but that has now disappeared 😂

  • @Daniel-H bitter sweet

  • @KingKev me too . same dilemma . has almost become a refex. i feel for my own sanity i need to resist a bit. What i do now is put in crazy lowball bids. if i get them great if not it stays in the balance. mind you i made my first market buy in ages the other day and not even for the cash drop. picked up hakimi at 1.22

  • have you seen that they have put up names of people who won the cash prize? sorry if this is old news @Three-lions

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