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    I have never posted on here before but have spent time reading through various posts since I joined in Sept 2019. Obviously the product has changed quite a lot in that time but it has kept me interested nonetheless and kept me away from traditional footy gambling. I am a small time trader with a port value around £1.5k and I feel like you are missing out on loads of punters due to the complexity you have slowly introduced since OB's arrived.
    To me there is still a way to fix this and if you do there will be plenty of liquidity arriving from small traders like myself who want an alternative to betting. Once this is achieved and the market shows steady growth like there was when I joined then the big hitters will surely start to become interested again.

    There are a multitude of suggestions on here and twitter which would improve things immensely and I am not going to add my two penneth. Some of the guys on here have far more experience and knowledge of this platform and markets than I will probably ever have and care to research tbh.

    Make it simpler. Sort the annoying tech bits. Get back to a place where gamblers can see a product which will return a steady 10-15% pa return on their investment, which was the driver for me to sign up back then and this platform will flourish.

    I'm still re-investing divs and taking advantage of the ridiculous prices at the minute by depositing small amounts but you need more people like myself to decide that traditional gambling is no longer their thing and to commit to this platform. The amount of people leaving needs to stop and we need to be able to show our mates a simple product with some green on the homepage. The last 8 months have been carnage and I have stopped recommending this product to anyone in that time.

    The only thing keeping me here is the fact I can't sell 1/3 of my port due to no bids and the fact I can write off the money I have in here as a loss if it goes tits up. Problem is I am not trading in and out of players like I was able to before and this needs to be addressed as soon as possible to bring back the fun.

  • I'd be very surprised if the 'big hitters' as you put it aren't very involved as we speak, probably mopping up players at ridiculously low prices.

  • @Owlsfan
    Good post
    Unfortunately FI Dont tend to read posts on their own official forum , only twitter

  • @NorfolkCanary we can call them big hitters but I’d call them traders who know what there doing .. even people with small ports can be sensible and put there dividends into more proven dividends winners

  • @qwertqwert

    I doubt FI even know this forum is still running!

    On another note... Losing £1.5k on FI and supporting Sheff Wed!!!! 2020 has been a bad year!!!! :-(

  • @dannypea Yes. Turgid stuff all round😫

  • @Owlsfan said in Message to FI:

    @dannypea Yes. Turgid stuff all round😫

    haha. Turgid, great word :D

  • @dannypea I'm losing 1.5k and supporting West Brom.

  • @Owlsfan good job we're made of solid stuff us Sheffield folk.

  • @UncleBeard ouch!!!!

    Big Sam or Tony Pulis.... Tough Choice this!!!!!

  • @dannypea Thanks for reminding me of that plonka!

  • which one!!!!! ;-)

  • @qwertqwert . I think its a joke they have their own Football index announcements stream on the forum and they last posted on the 8th June 2017 ! . talk about instilling confidence and engaging with your customers

  • Completely echo these sentiments. Great post. I also was a regular investor (monthly) and found it an interesting pursuit, trying to second guess the market, and using my footy knowledge to good effect. In fact my port value is a similar value to yours as well.

    I've completely stopped investing now, as everything is too volatile. Yes you can pick up bargains, but you have to think how you are going to sell for the same price once holding. I also stopped on the recommendations as well. Now I'm just riding the storm, and hoping some stability is restored. I have not panic sold, but of course now, half my portfolio has no sell price.

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