Flipping Refreshing

  • I think this is one of the biggest things which needs solving on FI today - CA is dead because punters aren’t holding onto players anywhere near like they used to. When I first joined it was about building your portfolio, adding player by player, whether it was a PB gem of young talent, or someone in the middle - now everyone’s spotted a pattern, buy a player - hopefully get some divs and then sell on 1 big performance...rinse and repeat!
    I’m sure it’s a profitable strategy when executed well! However I feel like it’s the biggest problem with the market today compared to 2 years ago.
    When rises happen at the top they filter down to the lower end players - this is no longer happening as people selling the top players at even a sniff of a rise. It’s frustrating and I’m not sure what can be done (apart from join the party)
    Is there a way this new pattern of flipping or refreshing can be reigned back...?

  • @G27 Thats what negative sentiment does.
    A good performance with a rise is a chance to exit and more money is taken out the index.

    It feels like the index is dying day by day with no sign of recovery at all.

  • @G27 said in Flipping Refreshing:

    I’m sure it’s a profitable strategy when executed well!

    Buying a player for £1 and selling for £1.10 will earn 6p or 6% per flip.
    Do that every week for a year and your £1 will be worth £20.70.
    Manage to flip twice per week and your £1 will be worth £428.36.

    The profits are flipping marvellous if you find the right player.

  • @Gazz127
    But I’m not sure everyone is even exiting - they are just re-buying the same player when he predictably drops lower a few days later

  • @Honeylight

    I agree - it’s 100% profitable - I nearly did it with Robertson but ended up buying other players - I’m not particularly saying there’s a problem with it as it’s a strategy people have had to adopt to make some money back- I just think it’s a big cause of what’s stunting growth and the root cause we no longer value CA

  • It is what is driving prices down further and further but when all or doing it................

    I suspect at some point we will sell and not be able to buy back as prices will rise and you will have to reconsider this is an outcome the next time you do it.

  • @G27 I do not think people are taking money out buy rebuying or buying someone else.

  • The index is bolloxed and no recovery in sight.It's like a wounded animal slowly dying.Dying by a virus called OB.

  • @Honeylight Id rather just go to work its easier

  • @Shaun442 said in Flipping Refreshing:

    @Honeylight Id rather just go to work its easier


  • @osmanlao bye 👋

  • @Shaun442 bye 👋

  • I'd say it's Flipping Great for FI @6% per Flip

    One mistake FI are making IMO is Lowering prices = more £££ in div pay outs

    Example if i wanted to invest £1k in a player @ £4 per share that's 250 shares and 100 shares at £10 per share.

    Massive difference in Div pay outs - So why all the negativity from traders?

    IMO a sensible trading strategy is the most important part I normally start off with 20 shares and when the price falls by 20 points i average down the loss by 50% by purchasing another 20 shares and if the prices continues to fall I buy another 40 80 and finally 160 - This gives me 320 shares and an average loss of only 10 points and then when the price spikes i sell 300 shares and keep 20 invested nearly always those 20 end up as free shares.

    My fav and most profitable strategy is purchasing defensive midfielders using the above staking strategy.

    Good luck to all

  • @Rich-A

    thanks for sharing - always good to hear everyones different strategy, i can certainly see this working

  • @G27 It's the Martingale fallacy that says you should chase losses, by doubling your stake every time so that eventually when you win, you win it all back.

    A catastrophic disaster of a strategy.

  • @Dan-The-Man not if your player is valued a £1 and for players valued at £2 you could average down every 40p drop... £3 every 60p drop £4 every 80p drop and so on - Like i said it's a sensible strategy and works fine for me and it also adds insurance against injuries .

  • @Rich-A

    Hey look, if it's working for you thats cracking mate. I'm not saying don't average down... but chasing loses on a strategy of "If I keep doubling eventually I'll win" type of mentality is nuts.

  • @Dan-The-Man I had a guy use the martingale system years ago when I was working for William hill and 7 games without a win he had to bet £1200 to win his stake back. It lost and he never came back. Nice guy as well.

  • @Tom7471

    Yeah, it's one of those concepts that sounds fool proof, until you realise how fast doubling turns into serious cash

  • @Dan-The-Man I have had a friend lose tens g thousands using the same system. It's the most crazy system I have ever seen. Would only work if we were robots with unlimited bankrolls. In which case it would be pointless!!

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