Moving portfolio into div winners

  • I see a lot of people saying how much money there is to be made but how do you move your portfolio into those places without taking ridiculous losses on your current portfolio...that's even if you CAN MANAGE to sell your players. Platform is dead, hopefully it can be a phoenix and rise to former glory.

  • @Krishaan1993 if you look at it in the sense that the entire range of players has dropped in value. Nobody has come out of it damage free. So for example you could have bought a £2 player that is now worth £1 but at the same time a £10 player is now worth £5 so you basically sell the crap (that you are able to) and buy someone who is capable of winning dividends. You could also do it the same the other way, you are selling a player for £5 who cost you £10 at a big loss but are getting someone else back for half the price if you would have bought earlier as well.

    I know that's putting it simply, of course its not that straight forward but as an example I had 300 Jean Phillips Mateta for Mainz, he scored a hattrick a few weeks back and I took the opportunity tk get rid as I know he's generally shite now and I knew he wouldn't probably score 3 again for a while.

    I then used that money to buy someone with far better dividend potential.

    Its pretty dog eat dog unfortunately. FI probably ought to run that 5x IPd promo so we can get rid of more of the crap 😄

    The only people that are totally benefiting right now are those that are just joining which in reality buying the really cheap players with new money. That has to give us hope that the yield on offer is attractive to new users joining. If I was new to FI I'd be loving it.

  • restructured my port to try and stop the hemorrhaging of my port. I invested £2,000 in Jan 19, Port value was close to 100% profit in January at £3,896. Had to instant sell off in March £3,541 which I was gutted about as I ended up not having to withdraw. So reinvested back into players. Since then it has been a constant loss of money, even now £50 a day pouring out. Been offloading and rebuying dividend players. Even players like Fernandes, Kane, TAA still dropping in value. At what point will they stop and what price are we expecting everyone to settle at? My port is now dangerously close to what I initially invested into it. This is my last shot at trying to revive it. I bought Castagne then he got injured, I bought Fabinho at the start of the season, moved to defence. Ibrahim Niane injured after I bought him. Caci I've had since Christmas, can't offload him. So still a bit of offloading to do. But here is my current port. Good or bad?

    Screenshot 2020-12-23 at 12.30.07.png

  • @John-D I think that looks ok to be honest. You might struggle to shift niane at that price but if he bags a hattrick at some point I'd take whatever you can get at that point.

  • @John-D Lots of decent dividend winners tbf - buying Robbo at his peak is unfortunate but he is a good investment. Kimmich is the best pb mid in the game and will rise again. Messi and Kane will earn so much this season. I love Hendo as a buy - again, you're expensive on him relatively speaking, but he will exceed 42p per share in career dividends. And one dividend winning performance will allow to sell at, or close to, a profit imo. Fabinho in defence isn't the worse either, as he will make a lot of passes and other defensive contributions.

    Your thinking is not dissimilar to mine - My biggest holds, in order, are Messi, Robbo, Bruno, Kroos, Kane, and Henderson. One thing though - why aren't you flipping a bit more? I get that it's a question of time etc but there have been some ideal moments to work the margins. It only brings small profit, but can work out as another 10p+ per share for opportune picks each month. It's even beneficial for someone like Henderson - I've flipped my holds on him and he return 2 ipds in a week, which is obviously pretty much 10% of your cost price. It's also nice to see the green on the port, even if it's bullshit!

  • @Timmy I'm not on enough during the days to really get into flipping on here. Just want to take advantage of the divs and re-invest in solid dividend players. I think the problem with buys are that we don't know where the bottom will be Kane was a good price at the time of purchase then he's dropped a further £2, same with Bruno, Savanier so it's guaging when to buy any player. Over the last 4 months most players have been in freefall look at TAA's price now. You've couldn't have believed that 6 months ago. Henderson was also over £1.50 in April so I don't think 42p is bad value and he will get returns. Robertson was high at the time but performing but that didn't save the fall. The returns in his dividends has bridged the gap.

  • @John-D That's fair - flipping takes time. Ultimately none of us can predict the bottom and you can lose money trying too, when flipping. If your port is full of dividend earners then you will make money. Be interesting to see how your port looks one year from now - I expect the dividend figures would be really healthy.

  • @Stevo it was unfortunate timing with Niane's injury, quite happy to take what i can for him, not expecting what I bought and not sure when his return is.

  • @Timmy There won't be much change over the next few months in my port unless someone isn't performing and I need to change. Savanier is one I'm looking at if he doesn't improve. Akanji, Jota, Aguerd, Curtis Jones, Upamecano, Rashford, Marquinhos, Szoboszlai, Yazici are on my watchlist.

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