All time profit/loss percentage

  • Why is the percentage figure your total profit divided by total deposits? Shouldn’t it be total profit divided by net profits?

    Eg. If I started today, deposited £5k and earnt £1k profit, my total profit percentage would be given as 20%.

    But if I then deposited £20k but quickly withdrew it again, my profit would still be £1k but my profit percentage would change to 4%.

    Or am I missing something?

  • No, you have it wrong.

    If you deposited 5k today, and won 1k overnight in IPDs, your portfolio profit percentage would probably be -70%, because players values are nose diving regardless of winning IPD and PB!

    Hehe, in all seriousness though, you should use an FI trader spreadsheet. I use it for everything I do, and they match up to how FI are reporting them, so I don't think it is done incorrectly.

    There's a deposit vs current portfolio value, and an investment vs current portfolio value, which are the two figures shown on your portfolio page.

  • Thanks but what I meant was I don’t understand why FI would give you a profit percentage against all the money you have deposited instead of just net deposits.

    I want to know how much profit I’ve made in relation to the net money I’ve invested. I don’t want to know the profit percentage in relation to the total amount I’ve deposited as a lot of that might have already been withdrawn, making the percentage pretty meaningless.

    V1 = I’ve got net deposits of £5k, have made £1k profit so my profit percentage is 20%

    V2 = I’ve got net deposits of £5k, but one day I decided to deposit another £20k but quickly changed my mind and withdrew it, have made £1k profit so my profit percentage is now 4%.

    V2 doesn’t make sense to me but that’s what they go with.

  • I'm pretty sure that withdrawals are counted in the calculation.

  • I've gone from +30% to -50% since OBs. Unbelievable really.

  • @Mere-Mortal I thought so too but they’re not. It’s your total profit divided by your total deposit. Says so when you click on it

  • This post is deleted!

  • @NewUser161744 it is total net profit. Otherwise if be another 1k down.

  • @NewUser161744 no, you're not missing anything, it's just odd. The £ figure should be right, but the percentage will look low if you've ever withdrawn.

  • @NewUser161744 It's done the right way.

    V3 I deposited 4k, withdrew 6k. I've still got a couple of hundred in my balance. My profit is 55%.

    If it was calculated at net deposits i'd be on 3100% Profit.

    Only issue I've got now is that by playing with a much smaller portfolio it's difficult for me to change my all time profit %.

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