That’s it for me for a while I think

  • I give up ... months of reinvesting dividends and topping up with spare cash, nothing stops the rot in my portfolio.
    I thought about picking up Kimmich this morning ( again, at what I thought was a bargain )
    I stopped and monitored his instant buy price and watched it drop about another 70p during the course of the day.
    Now for me the final straw of my second largest hold, Cuadrado getting a red card and seeing his price inevitably plummet.
    Time to stop trading and hope my belief in FI turns things around in the new year.
    Not selling a single player at these prices.
    If I’m wrong then I’ll loose the lot

  • @Three-lions Yes its disgusting isnt it

    I bought these players this month Kane for 4.50 he is now 3.30
    Rashoford 4.20 now he is 2.60
    Neymar 6.20 he is now 4.00
    Lewandowski for 2.30 he is now about 170

    Etc etc

  • @Three-lions

    Screen Shot 2020-12-22 at 21.06.47.png

    I had this bid in before the game when he was at 96p IS.

    Annoyingly he's 71p IS but you can't actually bid lower than 78p, I'll top up more in a week or two.

  • @Dan-The-Man fair play. I just can’t justify putting anymore money into this now myself. I do have more, but At 11.5k I’ve now lost my bottle as I really have no idea how long these drops will continue and how long it will take for the market to recover.
    I’ve almost resigned to the fact I may well have lost my money now

  • @Three-lions

    I sold a bunch at the weekend for £1 when he wasn't named in the squad hoping to get back in on the dip.

    So it's basically worked out like a gold day div but I get where you're coming from mate. It's rough out there.

  • I sold cuadrado at 1.26 a few weeks back after the screwy team of the month stuff. One of the few that’s worked out for me.

    Will go back in when his ban is up and if he is around 70p bid wise.

    Also other players have dropped bad today because of the new IPO’s tomorrow. Best bunch for a while and they blatantly got leaked to some big hitters who sold to get their funds up.

  • @DJ-110

    Nicely done, I was tempted around that point but held on for the TOTM payment, which took far too long to get. @Coriolanus was bang on about the £1.30 price point though.

  • I might be small fry but im close to calling it a day.
    14% down in a week on top of all the other weeks plus 4.6% today and most of that since FI announced those ipos tomorrow.
    Yet another bad decision on top of the many others.
    In a market on a decline such as this ipos are the last thing that is needed and today just underlines that.
    Cannot see an upturn as we are all undercutting each other in a race to zero.

    Have withdrawn over the past couple of months plus dabbled with footstock which is quite refreshing but this was once a very enjoyable platform but now it's utter doom every day.

    Maybe i just need to sleep on it but i doubt a change of fortunes on here is happening anytime soon.

  • @Dan-The-Man well done fella, it's little moments like this that i miss reading about. You can still play the game and have fun, problem at the moment is just finding the floor.

    Good to see people beating the system though :-)

  • @UncleBeard

    Oh believe me mate, I'm getting my arse kicked too. For every Cuadrado and Thiago Silva, I've got a Kessie or a Kalvin Phillips where I thought I was touching the floor only to realise I was in elevator in the penthouse on my way to the basement.

    The W's when they come, are spirit lifting though. Think we could all use a few more of those.

  • Is there a little light through the window this morning? I am up a whole £30! Mind you, it may be the dead cat bounce.

  • @Gazz127
    Maybe check out the whiney posts about why Reyna wasn't available, or why GK getting Clean sheets aren't

    They have to issue some IPO's

    If Soucek being issued damaged your port......

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