Who's staying?

  • We all know things ain't great at the moment, everyone is losing value on their ports and prices are dropping.

    we've all seen the posts where people are saying they are leaving, but who is staying? Can you see the value and potential in the current low prices combined with the yield available?
    Will you be sitting still or putting more money in?

    For me I am staying, I can see the value, and feel that once we get back to some normality then things will rise, not sure how long that will be, but hopefully by the summer we will have some significant increases in the prices that are available now. I'm not going to be putting in any money as of yet, but possibly before the Euro's cash flow permitting.

    Negative Nellies please refrain from posting on this

  • @Lillychar1216 🙋‍♂️

  • @Shippers Are you putting more money in? Are you re-investing divs?

  • I'll be staying, was on FI a couple of times over the years but re-joined about 2 months ago and have put £1,200 in recently.

    The only buy I slightly regret was Kai as he was my first purchase at £2.50 when joining (100 shares) but the rest I'm relatively happy with, even if some have decreased slightly as the possible returns seem too good.

    E.G Yazici seemed a steal <£2 and he will get a move, dominates most games. Mbappe for £3.50ish (was near £11 last time I was on), Saka for £1 and Griezmann for about 80p, all seem ridiculously good value providing the market recovers.

    Just a matter of waiting it out for a bit, as I'm in no rush for the money to come back out.

  • @Lillychar1216 i probably do it a tad different to others, i always have taken divs out to reinvest later. Allows me to build up a pot of cash to consider the next purchase rather than building it up slowly. I'm happy to put more in though and have been but for now with it this close to christmas, a long month plus a couple of other things i just need the cash in my bank as we speak.

  • only point in selling up would to hope it keeps on crashing then buy back in . Its a long road for my dividends to pay back my loses , but that is the path ill be going down. So i wont be selling

  • Staying 👍

  • Staying. Contemplating whether I should put more in atm. Reinvesting divs as they come for now.

  • @NewUser347846 Yeh is a long road, but everyone needs to remember it is a 3 year bet!! And with prices this low that will be returned a lot sooner!! So much potential on getting that returned well within that timeframe!!

  • @Index_Scholar Yeh my divs going back in too mate

  • Staying, but the pips are squeaking a bit. Another £300 down again today (about 6% and now down £4K), but may find the courage to splash another grand or two if there is a decent incentive.

  • Im Staying I'm investing in the £0 to £2 bracket to many proven div winners just keep dropping.

  • Staying, little choice but to. Get christmas out of the way and hope the economy comes back and we might just have a fighting chance!

  • @Leighton Non -stop football (hopefully!) for next years, loads of potential. Just wondering now whether to save div's incase of some sort of promo (which is not what we need) or re-invest straight away

  • I’m staying but have always used the mentality only to put in money that I knew I could afford to lose if it all went belly up. Currently I’m really torn between pumping more cash in and just waiting to see where we are in July 2022, or just leaving my port untouched for the next 2 years. I’m now more scared of potentially missing out on bargains that the index may never see in its lifetime again....but not sure I have the bottle to throw a shed load more cash in! Rock and a hard place!

  • @MrPatient That's kinda my thought's. Can't see us having these opportunities at these prices again, just have to hope they rise, but then again the div returns should offset that if not. I have none to put it right now, just hope that when I do it's not too late

  • Staying....depositing and re investing divs.....maybe crazy but I'm in and staying in

  • @AndydfopT
    Staying and re-investing dividends. Wary that depositing again could be chasing losses (technically still up but it doesn't feel like it) so not going to deposit. It is a gambling website. But not selling.

  • Been in FI since Jan and staying, with all divs reinvested. This is the new beginning.

  • No choice, but to stay! 😂

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