If you are staying..

  • Merry Christmas all,

    Thought it good to send something out for those who still trust in the platform and continue to invest (sorry to those that aren't but there's plenty of threads regarding this anyway, and have blocked some of the more damaging posters anyway).

    Just how I am approaching the platform at the turn of the year. Essentially I am still putting in the same amount monthly as I have been doing (very small amounts as am not a big trader anyway-port value of around 2.5k)

    I have been trying to pull down the average price of my holds so it looks and feels a lot better, whilst also I bought these players for a reason anyway. What I have noticed is there's so many small number sell offers in the sub £1 areas that it's quite easy to hoover them up and then put in a sell offer for the lowest price to turn a profit. It's not going to be a quick turnaround on the selling front, but it almost certainly contributes in a psychological way to the perceived value of a player. On someone I did this with, someone has since undercut me on lowest sell offer, but at considerable more than the low offer since I bought them

    I've had some relative success with this over the week -and I don't want to be talking rockets or anything, but it definitely holds you in good stead with games approaching

    I'll take an approach with a certain player I hold - Ruben Aguilar. I instant 30 shares in him for AVG 44p today. This left him with a lowest sell offer of 57p, meaning I can now be the lowest seller at 56p and if he looks like he is having a good game, I am currently first in the queue to sell(note this could change).

    Now this may not work, but if not, I have a player I believe in, with now a reduced AVG buy, IPD eligible for 30 days

    This isn't rocket science but having been doing this in the week, it really looks like a lot of players prices ( at the lower end mainly) are being held down by very low numbers of low offers that when removed, increase the perceived value of a player to both sellers and buyers.

    Keylor Navas - less than 80 quid of buys moves his lowest sell price up by 12p

    Timothy Castagne (Timmy Chestnuts) - £90 moves his lowest sell price up by 13p

    Romain Perraud - £25 leads to a 10p rise

    Not foolproof by any stretch but if you believe in the product these players will rise. It's not about getting the absolute bottom as we all can't get it, but taking advantage of the opportunities right now ( if you have the cash)

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