the mass unlisting has started

  • i came off twitter yesterday but jumped back on when i saw rises in my port. all the idea of @The FantasyGaffa. ive unlisted and posted a screenshot. The minimum it will do is see some rises going into the Xmas period. i'm cynical but thought might be worth a go so thought id put this up to see if others wanted to do the same. any retweets would be welcomed

  • @jonathan-rolfe already done it ✅

  • @jonathan-rolfe I have to admit to being a dyed in the wool FI remainer but cynic. But this has well and truly melted my cold heart xx

  • @jonathan-rolfe for this to make any difference to the buy price, the withdrawn offers would have to have been in the lowest 900 (effectively, I'm saying that some of those offering the solution were also the problem to begin with!). It could certainly help, but it just shows how quickly prices can rise and sentiment improve if sellers stop dropping their offers or accepting low bids.

    The IS price on several players is higher than the buy price from the day before. Once again, it shows that people will pay more than some realise.

    I just hope this was a bit of an eye opener for some and we see less of the huge under cutting across the whole market, as it's absolutely not necessary.

  • Had 2 listings, unlisted 🤞🙌

  • @Mintyfresh could not agree more, I also think that if FI could just hit one decent promotion ( a worth while cash bonus or something that incentivises instant buys rather than bidding ) and or a solid announcement ( I’m thinking a statement of financial stability or a realistic road map ) ... maybe even a glimpse of what they are going to or not going to offer for the Euros.

    I’m no expert and struggle to grasp all the factors which so dramatically swing trading and sentiment.

    But surely this can’t be too hard !

    “A monkey could drive this to a billion pound market”

    A little stability for a month and then the recovery that follows as we recover from Covid lockdown, clear up Brexit and Vaccination roll out.

    Weather the last 24 hours is purely down to delisting or if something else was at play, ..... it’s had a huge impact on trading numbers and money spent 👊

  • @Three-lions why would some on down vote this comment 😒

  • @Myles2521 seems a popular thing to do at the moment. No one ever used to really down vote unless it was an awful comment, as there seemed to be more respect for alternative views, even if you didn't agree, but that seems to have gone for some.

    Also, you used to be able to see who had down voted, but that seems to have gone too. I have suggested to FI that they reintroduce this. If people want to up or down vote it's their prerogative, but I think they should be brave enough to say why, rather than hiding behind the anonymity without adding anything else to the discussion.

  • It's just people's opinions it's good to talk

  • Perhaps I’m just a mile off understanding all that’s going on as I’ve only been on FI for 6 months .... I know one thing though ...
    I’m not fucking leaving, no fucking way, they’re going to need a wrecking ball to get me out of here.

    Throughout this shit I’ve managed with great effort to keep my head above water, portfolio is almost of equal value to what I’ve invested. With some hard work and reinvesting dividends, almost my whole portfolio is within about ten pence either way of current sell prices.

    I’m pretty happy with that right now

    Onwards and upwards

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