• 2 assists in the last few games means 4p div. Only cost £0.17. Playing in midfield atm.

    Pretty good value. Any others like him? Low cost so assists should make back 50% cost in 30 days and with good potential sell on?

  • time the buy right and you will get 6 games

  • There is so much value out there right now. But I'm on a guy called letizia who plays for beneveto. He's a right back who posts ok pb scores and has scored 3 league goals this season and one assist in the cup. I picked him up at 7p before last night's goal 👍 can probably pick up for around 12 p now and I'd say that is still value!

  • @JT4PAFC I got 200 at 9p so made back almost half just with one goal last night.

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