Peace on Christmas day

  • Merry Christmas to all including the football index family. It's not easy for everyone on the index at the moment and I can imagine that people working to make it as great as we all know it will become must be also be finding it difficult. In any case I wish you all a restful Christmas and see you all in the new year.

  • Merry Christmas... I wish all a happy and healthy Christmas and new year. Just remember money comes and goes but as long as you have your health you're sorted.

  • @NorfolkCanary well said mate merry Christmas

  • Hi guys, just wanted to take a minute to wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy year, most of all good health! These days people don't spend much time or thought on some personal words to their friends and family, they just copy and paste some random message and send it on. So after all we've been though together this year I want to thank you for your friendship and wish you a happy and fulfilling 2018 - you’re the best gymnastics group anyone could ask for. Best wishes, Helen

  • @Valhalla made me laugh once the punchline dropped.. I kept looking thinking "what?, Helen?, 2018????"

  • @Kipper72 It’s a cheeky one for sure 😜

  • I love Christmas,black and white films dog walks and remembering all the people we used to love,God bless all those poor souls who can no longer enjoy life.Id even go to Church as its 30 seconds away in Trowell Nottingham,but its been shut for months.The only bad thing is I put on 10 pounds every time.

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