Global / European expansion

  • Is this still on the cards?

    This may be a good idea to push now more than ever to get the platform rocketing again over the next year.

  • considering the mess they've made in the UK this year i think european expansion would be the last thing on their mind

    besides that every country they go to will have a different regulatory and tax requirement , they can't even cope to their own countries how the hell do you expect them to do it in foreign country

    football index have a bad tendency to think they are above the law / regulations i have a funny feeling they would quickly find themselves getting fined or sued again

  • A long term plan perhaps but you'd need a Hubble telescope to see it.

    I can't see how it would affect us, as imo they would start afresh n each new country, rather than asking Ze Germans to buy our unwanted shares, so other than strong sentiment, nothing changes to the UK market.

    They had to stop some users in Sweden from using FI as the licence fee etc was more than they could earn from those few users.

    Not sure why there's a comment below about FI not being able to cope with UK legislation ? It was Sportstack that broke rules and got slapped down quickly, not FI, who have been going 5 years and have no fears that I can see regarding gambling laws.

  • @Munchie63 That comment is because @thelossadjustor is one of those looking to take class action against FI and is taking any opportunity on the forum to spout negativity. No matter if their is truth behind it or not. He must have had a horrendous Christmas Day seeing prices go up!

  • @Sherbet what are you talking about , im giving you cold hard facts not negativity lol

    pull your head out of the sand , FI are an absolute bunch of cowboys they are making it up as they go along , there is no way on this earth the current management would be able to successfully launch this product in foreign territories end of story

    even cole and bohan are on record multiple times admitting they wouldn't have a clue where to begin with it , and considering some of the shite they usually come out with it must be difficult for them to admit

    i dont know how many times i have to say i dont care wether the prices go up down left right or side to side my buisness with FI is concluded they will be forced to compensate me through the courts .....all i am trying to do is trying to stop these con artists taking anymore money from gullible deluded people like yourself

  • @NewUser462188

    The only trader based benefit, was/is pooled liquidity (e.g. Germans will likely buy their home based players, so increase demand/price/liquidity for everyone AS LONG AS the supply of those players is shared) effectively foreign & UK £££ is all pored into the same pool of players on the same platform. This was the original plan but fell foul of the regulatory/tax/legislative complications, so has effectively been shelved indefinitely.

    The FI concept is strong but most likely will be set up as a stand alone platform or under licence in any new country, so will benefit FI as a company/shareholders but not traders, so don't expect rockets or price rises as a result (unless the previous pooled liquidity problems can be surmounted, which I don't believe they will).

  • @thelossadjustor Have you ever clarified in any of your posts (I know the question has been asked) if you're looking compensation on bets where you've willingly sold at a loss? or are you looking for compensation on bets that are still active (so no actual loss has been incurred)?

  • @thelossadjustor if you actually want to help people (and I've no reason to think that you don't) I'd stop trying to derail every thread on the official Forum with slanderous accusations. There are plenty of ways to take this further if you want to, but trying to undermine things and create bad feeling would, if successful, see prices go down and people would lose more money. All the while during the attempted sell off, FI keep banking the commission.

    You're current campaign would be far more damaging to other users than to those behind FI. Whilst you have every right to continue, it's actually harming other traders, not helping and I really don't think that is your intention.

  • @Sherbet i have already answered this , football index will be voiding and refunding bets any open bets which were mis sold pre orderbook implementation (which in my case will be nearly all of them )

  • @Sherbet said in Global / European expansion:

    @thelossadjustor Have you ever clarified in any of your posts (I know the question has been asked) if you're looking compensation on bets where you've willingly sold at a loss? or are you looking for compensation on bets that are still active (so no actual loss has been incurred)?

    he just wants all his cash balance reset to a point that HE is happy with, blissfully ignoring any dividends or CAP he made prior to this fictional date, along with any profit he withdrew before then.

    He then expects FI to compensate him for prices dropping on his 3 year bets, despite continuing to accept their T+C's and I expect, despite trading during that time, and by doing so agreeing with any T+C's at that time.

    Amazingly, he has been very quiet about Sportstack royally fkin up after a month of Career mode, whereas FI have been doing this for 5 years.

    I'm buying a new hat for the court case. I will be the one at the back chuckling away to myself as the multi-million £ companies lawyers rip his apart. Well, I wouldbe the one at the back, but everyone knows the nearest this will get to a court room is if he goes on Judge Rinder.

    Guy says he's done with FI yet comes on the forum Every Day - even Xmas and Boxing Day - to discuss it. Someone seems salty, and a tad bored

  • @Mintyfresh i appreciate what you are saying , but my sentiment is not just some shots in the dark I've randomly come up with

    i know what FI have done and FI know what they have done

    some traders are still not quite understanding what they have done so i feel morally obliged to try and make them see sense before they get caught again

    mark my words when FI announce that they need to expire shares next year and trust me the clock is ticking even louder now sport stacks been taken down there are going to be even more very damaged wallets and broken hearts

    i don't target threads intentionally i left all the positive sentiment ones alone as if people wish to believe this will sort itself out i do not wish to waste my time arguing ,

    this one however about global expansion is absolutely ridiculous and needed bringing back to earth

  • @thelossadjustor thank you for the balanced reply. I do understand some of your frustrations. Personally though, I'd keep it factual. Whilst the transition to OB has certainly not been smooth and the T&C may not be to your liking, I do not think it is fair to call some of the senior FI management con men. I've seen nothing in any of what has happened to support that and if I had, I would be withdrawing everything as quickly and quietly as possible. I still believe this product is in it's infancy and has so much potential for growth. More traders/trading would be good for FI's pockets so there is no benefit to them in trying to take down their own product now. As I've already said, not saying the transition has been well managed, but I don't think it has been structured with any intent of malice. Obviously people have the right to complain, but I really feel strongly that the complaint should be about mismanagement, not that it is all a con, for which there is no evidence.

  • @thelossadjustor which players did you lose substantial monies on?

  • @NewUser462188 can't see it happening with pooled liquidity any time soon and this would be the only way that benefits the current user base. More likely to involve completely independent markets, but that would cost more to set up and would be a lot more work.

    Due to the minefield that is the gambling legislation in different countries, I cannot see FI wanting the hassle or expense of getting the necessary licenses either during or in the immediate aftermath of a global pandemic. I'm sure it remains on the long term plan, but can't see it within the next 3 years.

  • @Mintyfresh said in Global / European expansion:

    More likely to involve completely independent markets, but that would cost more to set up and would be a lot more work.

    When I'm holiday in the Canaries, I can't use my Skybet account on the mobile. I have to be physically in the UK to bet. I think FI will find it difficult to implement pooled liquidity due to local gambling rules.

  • @thelossadjustor The 3 year bet is not new information, share expiry is not new information. The fact FI have not yet enforced this, to the benefit of anyone that has held for longer than 3 years, does not mean it should come as a surprise when share expiry is enforced.

    Everyone puts money into this platform of there own will. It is therefore their money to manage,

  • @Honeylight agreed, I know it was their preference but can't see it being feasible across the board. There are a few other countries already involved, but they had to withdraw from the Swedish market last year due to changes in the licencing rules. I'm sure they'll add others where they can, but I don't see it being the big markets that would make a difference.

    I think it would take separate markets, which is why I can't see it happening any time soon.

  • @Sherbet the fact they haven't enforced it should be a major concern for everyone because it affects the supply and demand of the bets

    FI flooded the market minting hundreds of thousands of shares when the demand was at its peak and then completely removed the demand)

    can you understand why that is problem !?! , do you have any idea the kind of market cap they would need from traders to allow liquidity for the amount of players they have on the market ?

    too add to this you will have a lot of traders who are still holding shares in players they bought for pennies and pounds as FI grew and never bothered to expire those shares

    so when FI tell someone like FI BIG DON his shares are finally expiring he's going to need to immediately list say 9000 trent and that will cause the arse to fall out of him because there is no demand for them shares

  • @thelossadjustor which players did you lose substantial monies on?

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