• I read a lot in the forums and this guy crops up a lot. I’ve got some money spare and I m ow a lot of people are cheap at the moment but I’ve been looking for really cheap.

    He was £2.50 few months ago now I can get him as cheap as 28p. I don’t know anything about him though and I’ll just be putting money on him all in the hope he gets a transfer. But all the experienced traders say only invest in divs not on transfers, hot prospects and so on (it’s not the old index)

    Anyone think he’s worth the gamble? Anyone know much about him? I’ve searched high and low listened a lot and he seems like the dark horse.

  • He is out for 2-3 months, and a January transfer looks very unlikely. Still, if you were willing to hold for 6-8 months and hope he gets a summer transfer then 28p is very good value.

  • Yep, injured but a decent hold. Would be best for him not to get a move, as I am still dubious he could take the step up, but decent shout to just sell on the rumour. If he doesn't go, he is a solid hold.

  • Had him and sold him when he was over £2. Seems he was very disappointed not to get a move in the summer and was even given some time off, which sort of hints at his mindset. He was linked to loads of clubs last season and is a handy player. Agree with above if you are willing to hold for a year plus he should deffo go up a fair bit.

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