Good players in strong/rotational squads

  • Any value in buying good players from strong squads or where the manager is rotating players? I'm thinking Bale, Aguero, Costa, Martial, Sterling, Mata, Sturridge, Giroud, Modric, Can, Toure, Iwobi, Wijnaldun, Iniesta. They're likely to have an impact at relatively low values.

  • Generalising all those players into one category is farcical they are a complete rainbow of situations.

    In answer to the question in general, unless there are transfer rumours, there is no reason to buy a player being rotated when there are far better options elsewhere. Buying starters from strong squads however should be your meat and drink for long term futures e.g bale. In fact Bale is at a great underprice currently.

    The rest of those players you have listed are some of the worst picks on the index at the moment, high risk low reward for the most part, a far cry from the effective frontier.

  • Time will tell - they're all good players or have potential

  • I could have put them in two categories in two posts - but what was the point.

  • @Wemyss Who are you some stock broker superstar.The guy (pwp23) has just posted his opinion.There is no need to diss his opinion.Football is all about opinions wether you agree or not.Give some eg of players you think are a good investment.

  • @Chewbacker Not meant to be a diss at all. Sorry if you took offence pwp I didn't mean it that way I guess I was a bit curt.

    Chewbacker I did not think it was an opinion more framed as a question. I love this platform because its far more logic based and far less hunch based, v different from sports betting for eg. Every trade is based on opinion, I just wanna get all the best opinions to get the best outcomes :) Check out the trading diary thread for my portfolio as it was then if your interested.

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