Will we ever see a £1+ increase in 24 hours?

  • Something i have not seen on the Index yet, i have seen an increase of 72p in 24 hours and that was Neymar when he signed for PSG....a few players have reached the 40p/50p increase but nothing higher for a while.

    Who think this can happen this summer?
    Neymar if he moves to Man Utd? or Salah if he moves to Real Madrid?

  • @AndyP32 Neymar to United possibly, I think Salah would probably eventually move down if we went to Real, historically there is a premium for players in the premier league that the other leagues don't have, you only have to look at what happened to Coutinho's price when he left Liverpool

  • If Salah goes to Real then I think he will drop in price. He won't get the MB coverage that he gets in the UK and he will have to compete with Ronaldo (if he is still there) for PB

    I can't see Neymar raising £1+ regardless of who he joined, If anything if he went to United I think his PB would be impacted negatively even if his MB potential would sky rocket more if that is possible.

    If Griezmann, Dybala, Suarez or Werner came to the Premiership then they might break the £1+ increase if the transfers weren't dragged out and just happened out of nowhere

  • @AndyP32 We have actually already had one!

    Around about 3 months ago Pogba created a perfect media storm when he scored yet fell out of favour with Mourinho. He began consistently winning MB and had a stretch of about 10 consecutive days which resulted in what can only be described as panic buying!

    As often happens with a big increase it was followed by a prompt sell off/rebalancing of player value, however, he did reach a £1.00 increase within 24 hours.

  • IIRC James jumped over £1 in a single day when the Man Utd rumours started circulating. He was really cheap then though because it was before PB.

    I'm sure Griezmann and Morata had similar rises last summer as well.

  • Luke Shaw went close at one point too.

  • As mentioned above, pretty sure it has happened more than once before, but in any case Bale has certainly done so in spectacular style yesterday/today!

  • @playingcards1 Who is llRC?

  • @HappyLarry59855 Pretty sure he meant to type James Rodriguez, was linked to Utd last summer before signing on loan for Bayern - that was a crazy rise and fall! You can still see it on his 1yr graph, £2.40-£3.49 in one day, £3.04-£1..15 a few days later!!

  • IIRC stands for "If I recall correctly" 😂😊

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