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  • Can I ask a question!

    Why has all the prem leagues top scores Sala, Son, Kane and alike all.droppex in value?
    In fact I Can't see many if any players that have increased unless they were 8p each to.start?
    Seems a little strange

  • @NewUser682505 Salah is up 76p this week.

  • only salah has scored in the last few days out of those. Almost all of my players are prem league and have all had rises in the last week.

  • @NewUser682505

    Welcome to the forum, if you go on to your profile you can set yourself a username rather than being a newuser123456. You will then be less anonymous and more folk will respond.

    The market has been volatile for a while now and if you joined index at the same time as forum you are in a good position to buy while prices are low in my opinion.

    It looks as though it is settling a bit now but try not to look at the value of player too much at this time, look what they can earn you over a sustained period. By this I mean if Kane, Salah, Messi, Neymar drop in price see if you can get a few more of them.

    If they bring in the money consistently they will rise accordingly.

    When the market does pick up there will be a lot of people kicking themselves.

    Not sure if I have answered what you were asking but hope it helps anyway!!

    Best wishes

    Disclaimer: 3 x ale, 1 x wine 2 x single malt.....

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