Gambling how much does,it cost you

  • put in £5k exactly this time last year
    I've had 1500 in dividends
    Sitting on a port worth 2800
    Looking like a lost
    If I take 2_more years,of the same dividends
    Am 500 down,what's the port going to be worth?
    Its a cheap way of gambling, 100s times better than traditional gambling, love it

  • Doesnt seem worth doing really id rather go out and do other things,gambling is a bit iffy at the mo.

  • @NewUser489707 obviously we’ve had a massive drop/correction. But historically you would be looking double your money in a year if you knew your stuff. Some very smart traders could get 200% +. It’s going to be more competitive now sure, shitty trades will be punished as they should. But there is still massive potential for CA in the next 2 years IMO. Probably not since the start of FI has there been such opportunity. But traders need to get out of their negative funk first, and FI need to make their tweaks to stabilise prices/promote growth.

  • @NewUser489707

    If your port is ‘worth’ £2,800 today, I’m confident it will be worth £5,600 in 2 years time. Add on the circa £4,500 you’ll have made in dividends over the full 3 years, that’s approximately 100% profit on your original £5,000 stake.

  • @NewUser489707 are you saying you love losing money? What a weirdo. I ain't put anything into a betting account for about 10 years and bet every week. If I was losing I certainly would not love it.

  • @NewUser489707 I see your point. Most people who use traditional bookies lose money, but they are prepared to do so for the buzz of winning. I think FI is more fun than normal gambling and you've got more chance of making money as well.

    I'd say this is a good mindset. Only bet what you can afford to lose. Also, if you can play without the pressure of having to make money, you are more likely to keep a level head and trade without emotion, which will help you make better decisions too.

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