Rashford PB?

  • Any idea what happened here? Apparently Rodrigo Moreno of Leeds won top striker PB with a score of 158 yet Rashford was on 170+ pts when I last checked at about 11pm last night.

  • Rashford was on 157 when i checked

  • Fuck sake, can’t even win a couple pound on this muck site

  • @roguetrader ah ok, closer than I thought then. Pretty sure Rashford was top striker when the games all finished but I guess it got re calibrated... :(

  • Another reason why I won’t be investing ever again this is the 4th time the less popular player has won divs in this manner. It destroys the customers belief in the prouduct.

  • I said this yesterday, FI need to stop using OPTA as a scapegoat and take more responsibility for their platform. Put in a deadline of 2300,whoever is top then wins PB. There are too many changes through the night and it's having too much of a negative impact with people having wins taken away.

    Someone on twitter compared it to the VAR of FI, but you can't even celebrate after the market has closed.

  • I had Barnes the other night who went down from 171 to 156 while Mount went up from 153 to 161. overnight.

    Barnes is about 50p cheaper so it works both ways.

  • Rashford was top fwd all the way until 23.59. Magically, 8pts were found during that minute and Rashford lost. You decide what happened there..

    Also, remember the Messi media articles from the day before not being counted. The article at 21:00 would have taken him to 1st place..

    Hanger 18 and Area 51 conspiracy theories not necessary. It is obvious to most what’s happening.

    Indeed, Fernandes is over 2 months (!!) king of the index and yet its 🦗 sounds of an announcement from FI...

  • Incredible! Got a downvote within a second for posting that! Speed reading extraordinaire 🤣😂

    To any downvoters, feel free to tell me where I was wrong in the statement above. Thanks.

  • It really is funny when people start moaning about this! The OPTA stats are official, the PB matrix is set for all to see.

    There is no conspiracy! it's based on data FGS.

    People hold Moreno, people hold Rashford. How do you think the Moreno holders would feel if they didnt get the win they deserved (and before you all start jumping on, I hold Rashford not Moreno).

  • @DJ-110 absolutely, works both ways.

    I am 100% certain there is nothing untoward here and it's exactly the reason the deadline was changed to 9am, so Opta can get their final stats right.

    What's clear is that there is no solution here that will suit everyone. The earlier cut off resulted in the final numbers not being reflected, but a later cut off using the correct numbers results in some late adjustments, either of which are unpopular with some.

    Obviously FI could move away from Opta, but using a third party is probably helpful, given some of the trust issues some seem to have with FI at the moment.

    I therefore can't see a solution that suits all, so I'd be inclined to leave it as is, rather than change the cut off again.

  • It's definitely the right solution, imagine if you had people working out the PB scores from the official OPTA stats today and seeing Moreno got a higher score than Rashford but didnt win, there would be uproar (and quite rightly).

    People need to stop moaning that they didnt win just because their player didnt get the highest PB score. It works both ways, the same people would be on here firing rockets when it goes in their favour!

  • @Sol said in Rashford PB?:

    Indeed, Fernandes is over 2 months (!!) king of the index and yet its 🦗 sounds of an announcement from FI...

    @Sol You are right that we haven't seen announcements from FI r.e. Bruno being King of the Index. But like most things these days, it works both ways, I'm sure if we did we'd have certain people, such as @thelossadjustor moaning that FI are "pumping" players, just like they do on other threads

  • @Sherbet this is exactly what used to happen and guess what?! You're right people used to moan because the wrong scores were given to people as they were paying out at midnight!! 😂 They now wait until the next morning so that they can allow for corrections and people still moan, just ignore them they're incredibly boring, there are plenty of things the index has done wrong without inventing others!!

  • @Zizou it would be ridiculous and would totally undermine the market if they were paying out on the wrong player.

    I know it's frustrating but it's more important they get it right.

  • Opta is the best stats system they could use right?

    Not aware of any others as well known?

  • @Hint I was on when they used to pay out earlier and can say that system was far better than what it is now. I think it's happened 4 times this week when the winner has changed during the night. I don't hold any of the players who've lost out but seeing people celebrating PB wins to then be told a few hours later the scores have been adjusted is a kick in the teeth and creates much more bad sentiment.

    No system will please everyone and I can see the argument for the correct winner being paid out but it takes so much out of the game play experience when scores are constantly getting adjusted during the night. I think Sportstack and Footstock payout within an hour of the match finishing and seems a much better system.

  • @cowan86
    4 times out of how nany though ?

    Its NOT a conspiracy.......its OPTA reviewing in-game stats after matches.

    Did Moreno not get 3 X the goal involvements ?


  • Went the other way a few weeks ago when Bruno won instead of lewandoski...

  • Its clearly not a conspiracy, and its correct the right winner is paid out, but that doesn't stop it making the match day rankings virtually redundant and taking the fun out of match days completely.

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