An idea to help the lower priced players

  • Just an idea and no doubt people will spot flaws immediately which is fair enough but what about if FI do PB dividends for each player price category eg 0-49p, 50p-99p, £1-£1.49 etc but the dividend be weighted on which had the highest amount of players. So the highest player category could receive 3p and others 2p and then 1p. Each Price category would be as of midnight before the games to keep it simple as players would move categories during the day but would be classed as whatever they were at midnight.
    Would still have the usual PB and MB but maybe they could drop by 1p to cover costs of the new divs. Could get the prices moving for the lower priced players.
    Any thoughts? Does anyone else have any ideas?
    And yes I have a lot of players who are under 49p and killing me. Ha.

  • I would perhaps 'alter' the current IPD's which i know people 'love' as the only current income potential that short term trading offers but replace it with a points scoring PB system... so that 'EVERY' player that earns 200 or more in PB competition earns a certain dividend reward.... any player that earns 250+ an even higher reward and sod it, 300 plus and even more still... (along with the top players of the day earning what they do) with the cut off for buying dividends on that player midnight so you can 'make' even after they have played.

    I think this would encourage still the short term trading whilst not losing/complicating the finances of FI too much with goals, assists, clean sheets and whatever else they currently pay on???

    I like the goal bonus... but lets face it... under current market conditions it hardly works - knowing a player for example will pick up 200 points or more... will encourage more investment into the best players whilst maybe the index could then get rid of the 1000 or so Saudi Arabians and retired Panama internationals at the bottom of the index???

  • @HUFCPaul

    it would help the bottom end players obviously, but the only way they could afford it would be as you say, to reduce the main divs, which would collapse the top end.

    The only realistic way for FI to recover the bottom end of the market would be to start putting bids in on them and provide a floor.

    This will cost them money though, so they are quite happy to leave things as they are and blame us for collapsing the prices.

  • @o_O Happy new year in advance. I hope 2021 brings you everything you want, and a revitalized outlook on FI. Keep the faith brother! Onwards and Upwards!

  • It wouldn’t work as players winning consistently in say 0-49 would get bought up and raise the price

  • @Lloyddavies that would be what I was hoping for as it would increase his price. The next match they would be in the 50p-99p group.

  • I'm not sure they could pay extra dividends based on price, I could see that getting complicated with price movements. I would like to see match PB dividends extended to maybe pay for the players in the runner up position on gold days, just for the forward/midfield/defence... star player to remain the same.

  • if they jus pay divs for top 50 players in top 6 leagues why not just kill off all other shares and end the misery

  • @dannypea that won’t help goal keepers as they rarely score over 200 and on a good day score 180 except for a European night and goal keepers are awesome for IPD

  • @HUFCPaul yeh but in my opinion it would cause chaos and fast swings in price once they went into the next bracket and didn’t do well for instance they’d be sold off back down to lower range , I understand the idea but it’s not possible to give dividends on price ranges.

  • Honestly with the greatest of respect, this is a very bad idea for a couple of reasons:

    1. It would make a 49p player more valuable than a 50p which goes against any sensible market dynamics.

    2. How much you determine price brackets ? Buy Price ? In an order book system this could be easily manipulated as people put in bids or offers to move a bracket for a player

  • Why not just flat line all the players nobody wants,its pointless artifically keeping their price above zero,no point.No differance to me if i lose 70% or 100% id rather just lose everything than log in and see another 5% of my total investment torched ,its to agonising.Ive lost £350 im happy to lose the other £350 then i never have to log in again

  • @Shaun442 Why keep logging in then?

  • @Shaun442 said in An idea to help the lower priced players:

    Why not just flat line all the players nobody wants,

    Which players does no one want? There are some who have left eligible leagues, but most eligible players have a value.

    For example, Joaquin has bids of 1p and 2p, but offers are in the range of 18p to 74p. He's never going to sell for 74p, but a sensible offer will sell.

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